Housemarque to Relocate to Advanced Gaming Headquarters

This is located in Finland's captial.

Returnal developers Housemarque has announced that it will relocate to an advanced gaming headquarters next year.

Housemarque plans to move into a new studio by the end of 2024. This new studio will be the most advanced gaming headquarters that Nordic will launch. Housemarque’s Brand Director Mikael Haveri announced this recently.

“Housemarque, a member of the PlayStation Studios family and Finland’s longest-standing gaming firm, is gearing up to launch one of the Nordics’ most advanced gaming headquarters by the end of 2024,” Haveri said. “This facility will not only be a testament to our rich gaming legacy but will also be a beacon of innovation and creativity in the Northernmost capital.” This new studio will be located in Helsinki, Finland’s capital.

“Sustainability remains core to our values. Our revamped hub will champion green initiatives, ensuring a balance between technology and planetary care. As we embark on this transformative journey, we’re committed to further solidifying our position in the world of gameplay innovation.”

Housemarque is currently planning for a new intellectual property rather than a sequel to its popular title Returnal.