How long is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? (Answered)

How Long to Beat Marvel's Spider-Man 2: My Personal Playthrough Duration

How long is Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Having platinumed my review copy of “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” game length immediately surfaced as a hot topic of interest among fellow gamers. In a world where playtime can either make or break a title, where does this installment stand? How extensive is my web-slinging journey? And so, how long is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game length

My exact playtime of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 clocked in at 26 hours on normal mode. This included all of the main story missions and a few side quests. Speedrunners might finish faster, but this could mean being under-equipped for the challenging sections in the latter parts of the game and skipping in-game cutscenes that are essential to understanding the game’s narrative.

While Insomniac’s Senior Game Director, Ryan Smith, suggested this sequel aligns with the first game’s duration, and pegged at an average of 17 hours from, with Spider-Man 2 introducing a wide array of side activities, there are slight variations between the two titles.

How long to platinum Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

I managed to platinum Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in 31 hours, diving into every nook and cranny. For those aiming for a 100% completion, the general estimate is around 28-30 hours. My personal journey to platinum the game which took 31 hours, is a testament to the game’s rich content that can be consumed without it feeling overwhelming or tedious.

Overall, Marvel’s Spider Man 2 has 31 main story missions2 side missions, 6 FNSM App Requests8 Prowler Stashes4 The Flame missions9 EMF Experiments missions, 2 Cultural Museum missions, 11 Hunter Blinds missions, 4 Hunter Bases missions, 5 Brooklyn Visions missions, 8 Unidentified Targets missions, and 10 Symbiote Nests missions to finish.

The upcoming New Game Plus mode and mission replayability promise even more hours of web-swinging fun for those eager to revisit New York’s rooftops. For those who’ve invested an additional $10 in the deluxe over the standard version, the game length becomes a pivotal factor in determining whether the deluxe edition is worth it.