Is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Edition Worth It?

Can't decide between Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Standard Or Digital Deluxe Edition? Or are you thinking of upgrading to Deluxe?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Digital Deluxe Edition

The gaming community is buzzing with excitement as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for the PlayStation 5 has made its grand debut. But there’s a dilemma for avid fans and web-slinging enthusiasts: which edition to buy? In this article, we’ll delve into the heart of this decision, and answer the question, is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Edition worth it?

Is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Edition worth buying?

Yes, the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Edition is definitely worth it. For those craving a bit more web-slinging action, the Deluxe Edition presents an appealing option, it’s everything the CE has, just minus the physical memorabilia. If you are lacking the funds to buy the Collector’s edition, for a true fan like me, getting the Deluxe Edition is the only choice that makes sense.

Is it worth upgrading your Standard to Deluxe Edition? If you have already purchased the Standard edition of the game, there is an option to upgrade to Deluxe on the main menu by just pressing R1, for just $10 USD. This option is available for both the physical and digital standard editions of the game. For just $10 more, you gain access to ten additional suits, effectively pricing each suit at just under a dollar – a realistic bargain when you consider the level of detail and design in each outfit.

Standard vs. Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is priced just $10 higher than the Standard Edition. While both editions include the base game and a pre-order bonus if you buy early, the Deluxe Edition offers significant additional content, exclusive photo-mode add-ons, two skill points, and most of all, additional suits that are exclusive only to the Deluxe and Collector’s Edition of the game.

What does Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Edition include?

Exclusive Suits: The Deluxe Edition takes it to the next level by offering 10 unique suits:

  • Tactical Suit
  • Aurantia Suit
  • 25th Century Suit
  • Stone Monkey Suit
  • Apunkalyptic Suit
  • Agimat Suit
  • Red Spectre Suit
  • Encoded Suit
  • Biomechanical Suit
  • Tokusatsu Suit

I am reviewing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 at the moment, and choosing and unlocking Spider-Man suits have always been the most thrilling part of the Spider-Man franchise. Whether I wanted to feel like a futuristic hero with the 25th Century Suit or embrace the chaos of the Apunkalyptic Suit, I have the freedom to adapt and evolve.

Photo-mode add-ons: The photo mode in the game is an art form in itself, I wasn’t just taking snapshots, plus the fact that there are a lot of picture-worthy moments in the game. With the Deluxe Edition, the exclusive add-ons are sure to provide the tools to make every moment an artistic masterpiece.

2 skill points: Much like in the first Marvel’s Spider-Man game, skill points are key to advancing your character in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. In the previous game, you earned these skill points by progressing through the story or completing side quests. That’s why in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the Deluxe Edition’s 2 extra skill points (+3 more if you pre-order the game) are a significant advantage. With these extra points right from the beginning, you get a head start and an early boost to unlocking more skills, allowing you to fine-tune your character according to your preferred playstyle right from the get go.

The choice between the editions of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ultimately comes down to your preferences and how deeply you want to immerse yourself in the Spider-Man universe. Whether you opt for the Standard, Deluxe, or Collector’s Edition, you’re in for an incredible web-slinging adventure with the iconic superhero. So, as the release date approaches, use your Spidey senses, weigh your options and choose the edition that best suits you.