Atlas Fallen Multiplayer Coop: How to Play With Friends

Atlas Fallen multiplayer coop cover

Survival in Atlas Fallen can be challenging, least you take advantage of its multiplayer coop to have some friends help you out. There’s no need to explore the sand-filled open world on your own, as cooperating with other players can be more beneficial. We made this guide to help you learn all about Atlas Fallen multiplayer coop so you can play with friends.

How to Coop with Friends in Atlas Fallen?

Go to the Co-op tab in the Player Menu to gain access to the multiplayer features. From here, you can invite another player through matchmaking by hosting your own game. Once they accept the invite, you two can play Atlas Fallen together.

Multiplayer coop becomes available in Atlas Fallen the first time you’ve taken full control of their custom character. This happens pretty early in the game, so you can play with your friend from start to finish. However, there are limitations to co-op progression, which we’ll explain in this article.

Coop multiplayer in Atlas Fallen is via invite only, so you can’t matchmake with other players. You need to know other players who already have the game themselves in order to utilize its multiplayer coop features. Atlas Fallen features a 2-player coop, so you can play with only one other person.

How Does Atlas Fallen Coop Multiplayer Work?

The coop multiplayer in Atlas Fallen is pretty seamless. There’s little restriction on joining your friends. There is no progression check either, so you can play with your friends no matter how far they are into the game.

Coop progression in Atlas Coop will depend on the host and the guest player joining. It is possible to progress through the story together, with the guest player saving the host’s world state in the coop session, however, both the host and guest must be around the same part of the game’s story when the guest joins.

If the host has progressed too far ahead, the guest will receive a warning upon joining that the world and character progress will not be saved on his end. This means that the guest player has to retake quests on their end that they may have already done with the host. This also includes character progression, such as experience and loot they’ve acquired.

Another possibility is that the guest is much farther into the game than the host player. In this case, the guest can keep their character progression but not the world progression. This means that the guest can keep any experience and loot they’ve earned.

What’s interesting is that there is freedom of movement in Atlas Fallen. You can freely move around without having to stay close to your coop partner. You can be fighting monsters on one side of the map with your partner on the other side, talking to an NPC to get a quest.

Loot and experience are also shared between players, so there’s always an incentive to play together. Coop multiplayer brings a fresh new experience to the combat in Atlas Fallen, allowing you to work together and support each other. However, to balance this out, the monsters you fight against will be more aggressive in coop than in single-player.

Atlas Fallen has multiple difficulties to select from. And in multiplayer coop, difficulty can be different for each player. This means you’re not forced to be on the same difficulty as your coop partner, and difficulty can also be changed at any time without restarting the session itself.

Developers Deck13 even posted their own video explaining Atlas Fallen coop multiplayer.