How Long to Beat My Friendly Neighborhood?

Learn the My Friendly Neighborhood game length.

My Friendly Neighborhood cover image

If you’re planning to wander the puppet-infested halls of a once-renowned studio, you may be asking how long to beat My Friendly Neighborhood. While indie games vary in size, they usually don’t take that long to see through the ending due to budget and time constraints. Read on and use this guide to get an idea of how long it’ll take to beat My Friendly Neighborhood, so you can set some time aside.

How Long Is My Friendly Neighborhood?

My Friendly Neighborhood is a little over 6 hours long to beat. It’s possible to finish this game in one sitting depending on how much free time you have.

The game takes place in the titular My Friendly Neighborhood studio who once had world renowned recognition for being makers of a popular children’s TV show. Now you’re tasked to disconnect the antenna at the roof because this studio is broadcasting again but this time with the puppets eating each other. It’s not as linear as it sounds with the environment being styled after Resident Evil with multiple rooms you can navigate through back and forth as you defeat hostile puppets and solve various puzzles.

My Friendly Neighborhood offers multiple difficulty options with some being locked at the start of the game. This does offer replay value for those who want to play the game again in a more challenging setting. Harder difficulties increase the chances of you dying more often so it’ll take longer to complete the game.

The game features multiple endings which you’ll have to replay content for. Depending on whether you choose to help the puppets or even do what you came for and disable the antenna, you’ll receive a completely different ending which makes the journey through worth coming back for.