How to beat Kallamar in Cult of The Lamb: Boss Fight Guide

A Complete Guide on How To Beat The Anchordeep Heretic in Cult of The Lamb

How to beat Kallamar in Cult of the Lamb

Anyone up for some seafood action? If so this guide for the 3rd Bishop of Cult Of The Lamb will prove something useful for all. In Cult of The Lamb, there are bosses known as Bishops. These bosses have their own territory and can be found in different regions of the map when doing a Crusade. Here in this guide, we will feature how to defeat The Anchordeep Heretic boss known as Kallamar easily.

Kallamar is the 3rd Bishop and the 3rd Main Boss of the game. He is located in the last area of the Anchordeep region and his appearance is that of a squid with hands holding 4 types of weapons. He is holding a long saber, a dagger, and somehow what looks like an incense orb. Each of these weapons has various and he will randomly use it whether you place yourself nearer to him or from a distance. Timing of when to strike is needed in this battle.

Kalamar’s Attacks and Abilities

  • Dagger Quick-Slash – Kallamar delivers a swift and close-ranged cut to the Lamb, dealing damage to them as a punishment for getting too close to him.
  • Globus Cruciger Projectiles – Using his cruciger, which is an orb emblazoned with a cross, Kallamar calls forth a wide range of different kinds of projectile strikes to use against the Lamb:
    • A pattern like a flower that consists of five waves of five bullets, with each wave constituting one of the petals.
    • A bullet pattern in the shape of a sun, with six bullets per line and fanning out in all directions.
    • A number of waves each consisting of a single bullet circle, with some space and time in between each wave.
    • A pattern similar to a wave that moves in an up-and-down motion while flying and also follows the player when they are being shot out.
    • A solitary, compact circle of projectiles moving in the direction of the Lamb’s location.
  • Staff Summon – When he raises his staff, Kallamar is able to call forth monsters from the horde that is contained within Anchordeep. The animation will play even if there are already a couple of enemies created, however there will be no extra summons appear at that time.
  • Sword Slash – When pursuing the Lamb, Kallamar swings the longer Sword in his right hand in a vertical arc to his left.
  • Teleport Ability – Kallamar frequently teleports from one section of the arena to the other by sinking under the floor and emerging in another portion of the arena; this is not an offensive maneuver.

How to Defeat Kallamar in Cult of The Lamb

When confronting Kallamar, he will first summon a wave of enemies to make things challenging. Whenever engaging them, Kallimar will take the opportunity to strike so performing dodge roll with accuracy is a must to avoid taking damage.

Projectiles will come out from the Kallamar incense orb and will be targeting the whole area. Best to avoid making contact with him while being shot is the best solution.

His deadliest attack when it comes to projectiles is when suddenly starts shooting rapidly and there is no way to dodge. It is best to stay on one side of the area to avoid getting him and maintain your health.

When Kallamar’s health is under 50%, he will start approaching you and will use either his dagger or long saber to strike. Out of the two weapons, he will use, he will most likely use the saber as it covers a long range of attacks. Best to perform a dodge roll to avoid taking such massive damage.

Successfully defeating Kallamar will just like Leshy and Heket, will lead to getting the Heart of a Heretic and a chain will be unlocked leading to The One Who Waits.

Check out this video walkthrough by ZackScottGames on his Cult of the Lamb – Gameplay Walkthrough – Kallamar Boss Fight:

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