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Metroid Prime Final Boss Walkthrough Part 1

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Metroid Prime is the ultimate boss of its namesake game Metroid Prime Remastered. It is a towering figure and is assumed to be the apex evolution of all the Metroids. It also has a wide array of attacks, plus a very tough carapace that can easily deflect projectiles.

Before the fight – Create a separate save file. Completing the fight against Metroid Prime will lock you out from exploring the previous areas of the game as it will ask you to overwrite your save file into a New Game+ save file instead. In case you would like to re-explore the other areas to search for the collectibles and upgrades, it is recommended to create a separate save file first before heading into the fight. This will save you time from searching the undiscovered collectibles as the NG+ playthrough will only keep your collection progress, but you will have to regain your powerups.

Read ahead as we go through the first phase of the Metroid Prime boss fight and share some tips on how to easily defeat it.

Metroid Prime Boss Fight Walkthrough

As you enter Metroid Prime’s lair, it will be awoken from its slumber and run into the deeper parts of the cave. Chase after it and before engaging, you may want to do a quick scan of it for your completion.

The main mechanic for this boss fight is Metroid Prime’s ability to become invulnerable to all but one type of damage and the ability to cycle through them. You won’t have to worry as much as its vulnerability is easily telegraphed by its own body. All you need to do is to switch up your damage type depending on the color that shows up on its holes and joints; Plasma (left) for red, Power Beam (up) for yellow, Wave (right) for purple, and Ice (down) for white.

The more challenging part of this fight is aiming as you will need to make sure that your shots land on the small gap where its eyes are. Otherwise, shots like the Super Missile or Wavebuster will simply bounce off of its carapace regardless if they are currently vulnerable to that damage type. There is also a possibility that these shots will ricochet back at you and cause damage.

Positioning yourself just right out of its claws’ reach is the most effective spot as it gives you just enough distance that you can still manage to get a clear aim at its weakpoint without putting yourself in harm’s way. In case it attacks with one of its ranged attacks like its laser, you can simply jump and hover to avoid the attack.

For the first sub-phase of this fight, you’ll simply be fighting Metroid Prime in the first part of the cave. It will be attacking you with its ranged attacks and claw swipes. Once its health is down to 80%, it will retreat further into the cave.

For the second sub-phase, Metroid Prime will gain two attacks. The first attack is a charge toward you and across to the other side of the room. You can evade this attack by morphing into a ball and jumping into the small canals found on the floor. As for the second attack, the boss will shoot out two glowing orbs that slowly home in on you. Destroy these orbs right away by shooting at them, otherwise, they will explode on proximity and cause a lot of damage around its area. It will run away once more once its health drops to 60%.

For the third sub-phase, Metroid prime will use its tractor beam to pull you closer and hit you with its claws. You can disrupt this by dealing enough damage to it until it staggers and loses its grip. It also has a volley attack where it shoots out projectiles from its back; it’s best to stay closer to the boss to not get hit, but still be wary of its claw strikes. Once its health is down to 40%, it will retreat further down into the cave.

For the fourth sub-phase, Metroid Prime will become faster and more agile. It can switch between colors more often and it can also do its charge attack back to back. After its health goes down to 20%, it will break a hole and slump down to a deeper part of the cave.

The fight then continues to the second phase where Metroid Prime reveals its true self.

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