How to beat True Metroid Prime in Metroid Prime Remastered

Metroid Prime Final Boss Walkthrough Part 2

True Metroid Prime Boss Fight cover

True Metroid Prime is the boss’ ultimate form in Metroid Prime Remastered that has broken out of its tough carapace. Also known as the core, with this form, it looks more like a humanoid head with six tentacles and it now has the ability to fly and turn itself invisible, making it a much more dangerous boss to deal with.

Read ahead as we go through the first phase of the Metroid Prime boss fight and share some tips on how to easily defeat it.

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True Metroid Prime Final Boss Fight Walkthrough

The fight picks up after Metroid Prime retreats from having taken a lot of damage on its carapace. It then sheds its exoskeleton and reveals its true form.

Aside from the apparent ability to fly, Metroid Prime can now also shift its body to become invisible. This can be countered by either switching to X-ray visor or Thermal visor, but it can also shift its body’s visibility to those wavelengths as well, so it’s best to cycle through your different visors as soon as it shifts.

Metroid Prime is invulnerable to any attacks unless it is an attack that is powered up by Phazon energy. Luckily, it often drops pools of Phazon energy on the ground. You can stand on these pools to enter Hypermode, during which your attacks will start dealing damage to the boss.

Additionally, it can spawn other Metroids whenever it drops the Phazon pool, so try to kill these ads so that they do not impede your movement or deal more damage to you. Other than the ads, the only attack that you should be wary about is its electric shockwave which you can easily jump over.

The entire fight is not as hectic as the first phase and it has sort of a distinct defense phase and DPS phase. After a few rounds of going Hypermode, you’ll then be able to defeat Metroid Prime. The boss then explodes, taking down the entire lair and facility with it, but not before Samus manages to get away to safety. The final cutscene also shows Samus without her helmet before she leaves the planet in her ship.

Check out this video by Rubhen925 showing how to defeat True Metroid Prime:

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