How to Cure Netherrack in Minecraft: Legends

Learn how to convert Netherrack into Dirt in Minecraft: Legends

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Netherrack is a type of block that can be found in Minecraft: Legends. It’s usually found in the Nether World, but in this game, the invasion of the Piglins on the Overworld has also brought along this block through their nether portals. Although it doesn’t spread as much and does not pose any threat to whoever steps on it, players can still find it a nuisance as structures cannot be built on it.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to cure Netherrack in Minecraft: Legends.

To unlock the ability to cure Netherrack, you will first have to get and install the Cure Netherrack Improvement at a buildable site near the Well of Fate. Building one will require 100 Prismarine and 100 Stone.

Minecraft Legends: How to cure netherrack

To start curing Netherrack, head over to a place where it’s full of them, usually a piglin camp, then access your mining toolbar and select the Cure Netherrack option. This will have you place a gathering box with a range around it similar to gathering other resources, except you won’t actually be gathering Netherrack. Place the box on the ground and it will send out a Blue Allay to start converting the Netherrack into other blocks like Dirt or Stone.

You can place several gathering boxes down to speed up the process so long as you have available Blue Allays left. Be aware of Piglins in the near area as they can attack the box and destroy it in one hit, interrupting the curing process. Also, not all blocks will be cured; Piglin structures and Netherrack that are submerged in water will remain the same.

Using this ability can be helpful in raiding large enemy camps as converting the blocks back to regular blocks within an enemy base will allow you to place spawners inside the base, removing the need to head back to the camp outskirts in case you need more troops in your army.

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