All Minecraft Legends Achievements and Trophies

How to get all of the achievements in Minecraft: Legends

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Minecraft: Legends lets players take on the role of a hero who is tasked with saving the world from being taken over by the Piglin invasion. Achievements can be obtained as the heroes go through their quest while completing feats and objectives.

Read ahead as we go through all of the achievements in Minecraft: Legends.

There are a total of 30 achievements that can be obtained in Minecraft Legends, which are as follows:

Bronze Achievements - Minecraft Legends Achievements

Bronze Achievements

  • Impressive Gifts – Complete the tutorial.
  • Ridin’ the Grain Train – Spend 2 minutes buffed by speed wheat in a single world. Cumulative.
  • With Light Comes Hope – Destroy the Night Beacon Base.
  • No Time for Swine – Defeat 1,000 piglins in a single world.
  • Banner Expert – Give 25 orders from Banner View in a single world. Orders given via the overworld view will not count.
  • Unnatural Aim – Forge an alliance with the skeletons.
  • Excitable New Friends – Forge and alliance with the creepers.
  • They REALLY Like That Flower – Forge and alliance with the zombies.
  • Resource Reinforcements – Open 5 allay chests in a single world.
  • Working Together – Play a game of co-op. Can be obtained as a host or a joiner.
  • Bounty of the Overworld – Gather 1,000 wood and stone and 125 iron, coal, redstone and diamond in a single world.
  • Riding in Style – Ride all of the different mounts in a single world.
  • The Way of the Sword – Defeat another player with your sword in Versus Mode.
  • Are These Made of Nether Wart? – Destroy 250 piglin buildings in a single world.
  • One Boom at a Time – Give 10 individual orders to creepers from Banner View in a single world.
  • Wheeeeeeeeeee! – Glide for 30 seconds consecutively on the big beak or brilliant beetle. Climb on the highest peak and glide for as long as possible without hitting anything.
  • I Can See My Village From Here – Spend 20 minutes buffed by bouncecaps in a single world. Cumulative.
  • Feed the Flames – Gather 2,400 lapis in 30 minutes or less in Versus Mode.
Silver Achievements - Minecraft Legends Achievements

Silver Achievements

  • Soothe the Scars – Cure 20,000 netherrack blocks in a single world.
  • Became the Hunted – Defeat The Beast.
  • Broken – Defeat The Unbreakable.
  • More Then It Could Chew – Defeat The Devourer.
  • All-Star Cast – Collect all the Firsts in a single world.
  • Variety is the Spice of Life – Build all the different improvements at the Well of Fate in a single world.
  • Bringing Out the Big Blocks – Construct 3 host towers within attack range of one another.
Gold Achievements - Minecraft Legends Achievements

Gold Achievements

  • Bulldozer – Destroy a base in under 7 minutes. Destroying only the nether portal will be quicker and will be enough to get this achievement.
  • Defender of the Overworld – Defeat The Great Hog.
  • Full Force – Give an army of 80 mobs an order.
  • Legendary Hero – Defeat the campaign on Legendary.
  • Nailbiter – Defeat an opponent with less than 10% of your HQ’s health remaining in Versus Mode.

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Minecraft Legends is available now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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