How to Defeat Rooks Easily in Redfall

Some tips and tricks to defeat the Rook easily.

How to Beat the Rook Quickly in Redfall featured

The Rook in Redfall may be massive in size, but with the right strategy, defeating it can be easily achieved. The first time you’ll encounter this mini boss is in the Fall Like Lightning mission and he’s a lot tougher than any other elite enemies you’ve faced up against at this point. Beating him is going to take some out-of-the-box thinking.

Read on as we show you an easy and fast way to beat the Rook in Redfall.

How to Beat the Rook Fast in Redfall?

You can quickly beat the Rook by immediately running for the nearest Safehouse and taking advantage of the UV Light outside its doors to quickly take him down. You’ll have to bait Rook into going into the UV Light and make sure he stays there long enough to be petrified. Once the Rook is petrified, immediately shoot him with the strongest guns you have.

You’ll know that the Rook is coming for you when red lightning starts to strike the ground. Quickly open your map and start sprinting to wherever the nearest Safehouse is because fighting the Rook outside is hard. This is the easiest and fastest method to beating the Rook whenever he appears. If a Safehouse is too far, you can use the UV Light Gun to petrify him though it’s hard to do so when he’s moving around.

The UV Light will petrify enemies which also affects the Rook. Petrified enemies can’t fight back as you shoot them and will take more damage. Lesser vampires can immediately be broken down from full health in one hit if they’re petrified. The Rook is a little stronger so using something like the Stake Launcher or sniper rifles is really going to bring in the biggest damage.

Beat the Rook Fast

After some time, enemies will break out of petrification. If you want to beat the Rook immediately, start dealing as much damage as possible when he’s in this state. Sometimes it will take more than one instance of you pushing the Rook into the UV Light to fully drain down his health. Although one encounter using this method is usually enough to put the Rook down for good.

And beating the Rook this way may not be the most fair way to go, but you do get that awesome reward of a powerful new weapon that this mini boss drops upon defeat.

Beating the Rook Without UV Light

If you want to beat the Rook without cheesing the fight, then you should fight him indoors while being on the move. The red lightning storm outside make this fight hard because it can hurt you. Lead the Rook indoors and fight him there before quickly moving to another house.

Don’t stay inside houses for too long as the Rook can be punishing in close quarters as well. Your best bet is to keep moving from house to house while constantly shooting him to wear him down. Beware of the red lightning storm and other enemies.

That’s how to beat the Rook in Redfall. We hope this guide was informative.

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