How to Dual Wield in Valheim

Can you Dual Wield in Valheim? Here's what you need to know.

Valheim Dual Wield cover

Dual wielding is a fighting style present in some action RPG games where players can wield different weapons on each hand, but sadly, dual wielding is not a style that has been implemented in Valheim. If it were implemented in a future update, it would give players a lot more customization with their weapon loadouts.

Is Dual Wielding Possible in Valheim?

Yes, dual wielding is possible in Valheim. In the mean time, there are a couple of ways to achieve the effect of dual wielding: with the help of a mod or by crafting specific weapons.

DualWield Mod

If you do not mind playing with mods installed, the DualWield Mod is a mod that you can get for Valheim that allows you to dual wield one-handed weapons that are of the same kind. It also introduces a dual-wielding skill that can be leveled up to improve your damage proficiency, so the mod goes beyond just giving you the visuals as it also slightly alters your gameplay experience.

Flesh Rippers & Skoll and Hati - Valhiem Dual Wielding Weapons

Flesh Rippers / Skoll and Hati

Although they are considered a single weapon, the models for the Flesh Rippers and the Skoll and Hati will make your character appear as if they are dual wielding. This is the closest thing that players can get to dual wielding for now without going for third-party mods.

  • Flesh Rippers (Fists) – This weapon can be made out of x10 Fenris hair, x6 Fenris claw, and x10 Silver. Its main damage type is Slash and Stagger.
  • Skoll and Hati (Knife) – This weapon can be made out of x4 Fine wood, x10 Iron, and x10 Black metal. It can do Pierce, Slash, and Stagger damage.

Check out this video by thedefside showcasing the DualWield mod in Valheim: