How to Get Ymir Flesh in Valheim

How and where to get Ymir Flesh

Valheim Ymir Flesh cover

Ymir Flesh is a crafting material in Valheim described as the earthy remains of the giant Ymir. It is a necessary item required to craft strong clubs, which are helpful during the mid-game progression, but it can only be obtained from a merchant in a specific location.

Read ahead as we talk about the Ymir Flesh and how to get it in Valheim.

How to get Ymir Flesh

Ymir Flesh can be purchased from Haldor in the Black Forest. It costs 120 coins per piece. It will only be available from Haldor’s store after defeating The Elder. It can be kept for a maximum of 50 per stack and be brought through a portal.

How to get Ymir Flesh - Valheim

Ymir Flesh Uses

Ymir Flesh can be used for two club recipes, namely the Frostner and the Iron Sledge.

  • Frostner
    • Lv 1 – x5 Ymir Flesh; x10 Ancient Bark; x30 Silver; x5 Freeze Gland
  • Iron Sledge
    • Lv 1 – x4 Ymir Flesh; x10 Ancient Bark; x30 Iron; x1 Draugr Elite Trophy
    • Lv 2 – x2 Ymir Flesh; x2 Ancient Bark; x15 Iron
    • Lv 3 – x4 Ymir Flesh; x4 Ancient Bark; x30 Iron
    • Lv 4 – x6 Ymir Flesh; x6 Ancient Bark; x45 Iron

In addition to inflicting blunt, frost, and spirit damage with knockback power, Frostner also depletes the stamina of non-frost enemies, slowing them down significantly and allowing you more space to use ranged attacks.

If you’re more into knocking out enemies, then the Iron Sledge will be perfect for you. With greater knockback power and blunt damage for its base stats, it’s the perfect mid-game weapon for clearing out mobs.

Check out this video by ESO showing how to get the Iron Sledge in Valheim:

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