How to Get Frozen Peely Skin Early Glitch in Fortnite

Get Frozen Peely early from the Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Christmas gifts and find out when Polar Peely will be released.

How to get Frozen Peely Early Glitch on Fortnite

The Frozen Peely Skin is an outfit that is part of the Winterfest ’21 set and is not yet available as you have to wait for 12 days of Christmas to be able to unlock this present. However, players are going wild as they see some players sporting this cool outfit. The Frozen Peely skin has been widely advertised, but you haven’t received it yet! If you’re one of them, you might wonder how to unlock the Frozen Polar Peely Outfit early?

Remember, Santa is not to blame for this, and you just have to be patient. Many of the secrets in Fortnite Chapter 3 have already been discovered. However, there is one thing that has evaded our grasp that is more slippery than a banana peel.

How to Get Frozen Peely in Fortnite Chapter 3

Fresh Aura’s frozen gift box unlocks the Polar Peely outfit. Once the frozen box has defrosted, you will be able to see our favorite friend in a “cooler” variation as a Frozen Banana skin.

Frozen Polar Peely Fortnite Skin Outfit

The new system, which rewards players with free Winterfest 2021 cosmetics, includes Polar Peely. Few rewards in the game have a time limit attached to them, and Frozen Peely is no exception. Everyone should have the same time limit. Our frosty friend will be out before the end of the year if you can wait.

Polar Peely Skin Release Date

On December 28, 2021, Frozen Peely will be released to the general public. There has been a noticeable decrease in the amount of ice around the Polar Peely gift box on the frozen Winterfest Fortnite present. We’re on our 9th day of the Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Christmas event.

There will be no ice around the Polar Peely skin, which is inside the present on the right side of the Cozy Lodge when the skin is available. But if you’re impatient, this Frozen Peely Skin can be unlocked early before the fourteenth day based on a glitch that’s revolving around the internet right now.

Get Frozen Peely Skin Early Glitch in Fortnite

Getting the Frozen Peely Skin Early is a glitch found in Fortnite. A Twitter user @stormzidkk shared the other day a gameplay video of him sporting the Frozen Banana skin, and players in the game surprisingly started following him around instead of killing him.

When players began to be curious he shared his method on how to do the glitch on this video below.

Just keep in mind that exploiting a glitch or bug to gain an unfair advantage over others, or even the game itself, is prohibited. The developers are aware of any active exploits. Those who participate in exploits risk being banned from certain aspects of the game, though there are rumors that the more serious offenders may have been banned completely.

We tried to do this glitch but the result was not successful. We tested it on a Fortnite account using a PS5 console. The result was a half-melted gift with Frozen Peely protruding from the box as you can see on this screenshot below:

How to get Frozen Peely Early Glitch on Fortnite

Furthermore, if you “try” to do the glitch, it will prevent you from opening any other gifts. The glitch might have already been patched. If you attempt this and have the same results that makes Fortnite appear to be bugged, you can just simply close and restart the game.

For the time being, we recommend avoiding any other methods of early access to the skin, and simply waiting for our frozen friend to thaw out of his box.

Getting this banana early may be possible as there are still other glitches that we have not tried, but it appears to necessitate giving your Epic account information to a discord account.

Don’t try methods that will risk the security of your account. It’s best to sit tight and wait for the present to defrost on its own. Peely the Frozen is cool, but he’s patient.

A multitude of new characters and gameplay mechanics have appeared in Fortnite: Battle Royale Chapter 3. Considering this is an Epic show, we can expect even more mind-blowing tricks this season.

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Also check out this video by Zep FN in his attempt on getting the Frozen Peely Skin Early Glitch in Fortnite: