How to Get Obi’s Key in Dead Island 2

Learn where to get Obi's Key

Dead Island 2 Obi's Key cover

Obi’s Key is one of the key quest items in Dead Island 2. It is a key required to open Obi’s Stash in The Clean and Snatch Lost & Found side quest. Opening this stash as soon as possible will give players access to a great weapon for the early part of the game.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to find the Obi Key in Dead Island 2.

Obi’s Key Location

Obi’s Key can be found in the GOAT Pen in Bel-Air, but before heading there, make sure to initiate The Clean and Snatch quest first by heading to Roxanne’s house in Beverly Hills and interacting with the note found down the pool. Then, locate the paper trail in the nearby pools in Beverly Hills to ensure that Obi will spawn in the GOAT Pen.

Once you find all three items connected to the paper trail (Dave’s Phone, Note for Michael, and Obi’s Phone), your objective should now update to “Which pool belongs to Obi’s Crush?” which should be your signal to pay the GOAT Pen a visit.

As you arrive in the GOAT Pen, head towards the pool area located at the south side of the house. You should see Obi the Pool Guy as one of the zombies patrolling around the pool. Defeat him and he will drop Obi’s Key. Head back to Roxanne’s house and use the key to open the stash and receive the Electrocutor Officer’s Sword, plus 2,000 XP for completing the quest.

Check out this comprehensive video by WoW Quests showing how to get Obi’s Key in Dead Island 2: