How to Get Round Robin Destiny 2 Guide Plus God Roll

This is how you can get the Round Robin hand cannon in Destiny 2

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The Round Robin Destiny 2 hand cannon is the new 120 that went live alongside Lightfall. The weapon will go down in Destiny 2 history as the first craftable 120 and it comes with a pretty nasty set of perks. But that’s not the focus of this article.

This guide will let you know how to get the Round Robin Hand Cannon in Destiny 2. We’ll also go over the possible rolls for the weapon and which ones are worth your time and attention.

How to Get Round Robin Destiny 2 Hand Cannon

The only way to get a guaranteed red border Round Robin is to complete the To Hero side quest. This is unfortunate because you need 5 red borders to unlock the weapon’s pattern. And relying on RNG could result in weeks of farming. Thankfully, there’s a way to cut the process by more than half. The catch is, you’ll need 3 Guardian slots to make it happen.

So, each character slot has an opportunity to start the From Zero, To Hero side quests. You get them early on in the Lightfall campaign. This is essentially asking your characters to go through the intro missions. And it’ll need to be done multiple times. We’d say it’s worth it in the long run.

If you go through all character slots, you should have 3 red border Round Robins. If you want to take it one step further, you can delete one of your slots and start over from scratch and redo the campaign as they go get a 4th or even 5th red border. But that could be asking too much. But the option is there if you’re interested.

Other than that, your next best chance to get red borders is to farm Heroic Patrols and hope that the weapon you get at the end of the patrol is a red border Round Robin.

Round Robin God Roll for PvE & PvP

The most important thing to note about the Round Robin is the fact that it has a long reload timer, even for 120 standards. It does extremely well in other areas but if you’re planning to use it in either PvP or PvE, you’ll have to work around the reload issue.

The Round Robin God Roll is going to have Smallbore in the first column, Ricochet Rounds in the second, and a Ranged Masterwork. You can change some things around to have it so that you can better reload speeds but in our opinion, it’s best to lean into the weapon’s strengths than actively compensating for the weapon’s weaknesses.

In the third column, your best bet is Keep Away for PvP and PvE. It grants increased reload, range, and accuracy when no enemies are within 15 meters away. When Keep Away is up, reload goes up by 20 or more.

Alternatively, Envious Assassin is a great new perk for PvE that overflows the magazine when another weapon gets rapid kills. This is yet another workaround for the noticeable reload speed. For strictly PvP, you’ll want to have Killing Wind. With this perk active, you are more maneuverable, swap faster, and have increased range.

For the fourth column, Golden Tricorn is the best for general use. In PvP, you can kill a Guardian with one headshot and two body shots. This is huge considering that 120s don’t have the best TTK in the game outside of precision shots. Throw in grenades and you’ll one tap most ads in PvE. You’ll just have to deal with the reload.

Otherwise, you may want to consider going for Elemental Capacitor. But that’s going to be dependent on your class and playstyle. If you’re playing on Void, you’ll want it for Stability. You can also go Solar for that added reload speed cause goodness knows it needs as much reload speed as possible.

Finally, Hatching goes best with threading builds. But of course, the class that makes the most use of that perk will be the Warlock Broodweavers.

And that’s about it for this Round Robin Destiny 2 guide. If none of the perks strike your fancy, feel free to try out combinations until you get the one that fits your unique playstyle. Envious Assassin + Harmony has great potential but my playstyle incorporates a lot of weapon switching. Anyways, good luck out there in the Crucible/Sandbox, Guardians.

Check out this video from Youtuber CoolGuy giving an in-depth analysis of the Round Robin Destiny 2 hand cannon.

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