How to Get Silver Kelp Early in Coral Island

Coral Island Silver Kelp cover

Silver Kelp is a resource that can be scavenged in Coral Island. It is a necessary crafting material for some useful farm tools such as the sprinkler, and its essence can also be extracted and used for some plant upgrades. Since it is an uncommon material to get in the first seasons of the game, knowing how to get some of them early will provide some boost to the farm’s production.

In this guide, we will be talking about the early ways of how to get Silver Kelp in Coral Island.

How to get Silver Kelp in Coral Island

There are several ways of getting Silver Kelp in the game, with the most common one is by going to the deeper levels of the ocean where it is abundant. However, this may take a while to accomplish, especially if the Grantles’ wishes are a bit too specific.

By digging up clovers in the beach

One of the ways of getting Silver Kelp is by going to the beach and looking for clovers in the sand. Digging them up will give a chance of dropping Silver Kelp or Glass, which is also a material for crafting kelp essences. Clovers that are found along the sand path to the Abandoned Villa can also drop Silver Kelp.

Usually, the clovers on the sand respawn weekly, but it’s also best to check daily and clear out the area.

By buying from the Lab

Buying Silver Kelp from the Lab is also a good option to get them early, however this is a pricey method as each kelp costs 250 coins. It is only recommended if you are earning more than enough from your farm.

Silver Kelp Uses in Coral Island

Silver Kelp is used for a couple of tools for the farm such as the Sprinklers.

  • Sprinkler I – requires x5 Silver Kelp
  • Sprinkler II – requires x5 Silver Kelp
  • Fertilizer II – requires x1 Silver Kelp
    • Crafting this is only recommended once you have access to the >22m diving depth in the ocean.

Silver Kelp can also be processed at an Extractor to get Silver Kelp Essence. Its recipe goes for 10 Silver Kelp and 1 Glass.

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