Coral Island Characters: Every Person You Need To Know

Get to know Everyone in Coral Island

Coral Island Character Features

Coral Island is an all-new farming simulator game where players can be themselves and experience what it means to live on an enchanted island filled with nature, animals, and even, people. Players can even form relationships from friend levels to a romantic experiences. This guide will introduce to players all of Coral Island Characters from Bachelors to Bachelorettes to Pets and many more.

All Coral Island Bachelors

There are a total of 13 Male Bachelors found in Coral Island whom players can interact with. Each of them has a personality and trait that make them attractive and popular for many romance addict gamers. The Bachelors are the following:

Coral Island Bachelors Ben


A typical male who loves to wander off from time to time. He usually appears out of nowhere selling you items that you might need to farm on the island. He loves spending and attends Fall Music Festivals but if he is not around in our area, he would wander off to another area roaming around.

Coral Island Bachelors Charles


He is considered to be the town doctor and he has a bit of bad luck from time to time. When he was young, he was disowned by his parents and when he managed to get a degree from medical school, he was about to marry the one whom he loves, only to find out that she was cheating behind him.

Coral Island Bachelors Kenny


One of the nicest people that players will enjoy being with is Kenny. He is a local of Coral Island and loves hanging out with people. He loves as well going outdoors, heating vegan tacos and kombucha, and even loves taking care of animals. After he is done with his work, he spends time at the Local Tavern or at the Blacksmith shop to hang out with friends.

Coral Island Bachelors Luke


Luke is a rich boy who lives with his parents and wants to prove to them that he can become independent and earn his own business without his family’s support. he owns a shop called Socket Electronics and in his free time, she spends time at the Beach Shack eating fresh seafood with his friends, Ben and Pablo.

Coral Island Bachelors Mark


A cold person who rarely interacts with people but has a soft spot for animals and sometimes talks about how he wishes he could set them free from their cages but also at the same time, he realizes that it is a dumb idea.

Coral Island Bachelors Noah


Among the locals of Coral Island, Noah possesses a family-loving trait that gamers will love. He spends most of his time running the Tavern and on days when he is not taking care of his mother, Betty, he would enjoy doing long walks, discussing some mind-altering ideas with Alice, and loves watching cooking shows.

Coral Island Bachelors Pablo


As a blacksmith, Pablo is a natural playboy. His personality and attitude define him as a romantic. And when he is not working, he would lend his aid to the town locals either cleaning up the graveyards or doing a show at the Tavern. Unexpectedly, he hates beaches since he dislikes sand entering his shoes.

Coral Island Bachelors Rafael


He is the brother of Pablo and unlike his brother, he rarely leaves Garden Lane and tends to mostly do clean up staying home. He is a very reserved male companion who likes to be alone but he has a very pleasant personality that makes fans want to interact more with him.

Coral Island Bachelors Raj


Raj is the owner of a quaint coffee shop in Startlet Town that is known as Raja’s Coffee Corner. He loves interacting with people, especially with his customers. And he is a resident of the Coral Inn.

Coral Island Bachelors Scott


Another wanderer in Coral Island is a city boy at heart. He is an easygoing person who loves to seek fun and dedicated his life to uncovering hidden artifacts located on the island. On free days, he enjoys drinking strong coffees and listening to jazz music and loves to hang out at the Tavern

Coral Island Bachelors Surya


He is a marine biologist who is new to Coral Island. He usually stays at the Lab to do some research with Ling on her projects on the weekdays and spends his free time at the vineyard with Luke and loves relaxing at the beach.

Coral Island Bachelors Theo


He works as a local fisherman and plays the guitar and loves singing. He loves eating eel, fish tacos, and coconut drinks. He hates drinking alcohol and traveling but loves to spend time with his dad and his sister, Lily.

Coral Island Bachelors Wakuu


Another local resident of Coral Island and the son of Wataru. He lives in the Observatory and you’ll often find him stargazing watching for stars. You can guess his Asian origin, but he doesn’t like his beverage green.

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All Coral Island Bachelorettes

There are a total of 12 female Bachelorettes on Coral Island. They all have their own personality and creative minds that will attract players’ interest. The Bachelorettes found are the following:

Coral Island Bachelorettes Aaliyah


Aaliyah is the sister of Frank who runs a tavern in the town center. She usually tries out the recipes that his brothers make in the tavern and loves drinking coffee and is in love with flowers such as Cosmo and Tulips.

Coral Island Bachelorettes Alice


One of the known twins living on- Coral Island is Alice. Alongside her sister Suki, they own and live by the beach at Coral Inn. Unlike her sister Suki, she spends her days working at the inn and during her free time, she hangs out with her friends while eating minced jackfruit pies.

Coral Island Bachelorettes Chaem


Though her physique looks thin, she is a big eater. She loves eating pizza, seafood ramen, Veggie Ramen, Basil Pesto Pasta, and Gnocchi.

Coral Island Bachelorettes Eva


Eva works as a baker at Sam’s General Store and she enjoys doing her job. She has a very friendly trait that attracts people and has dreams to visit exotic places especially winter areas.


She is a rich girl who has lived a fulfilling life and works as a yoga instructor at the community center and loves interacting with her audience online. She loves to be surrounded by art collections and designer clothes that no other locals have.

Coral Island Bachelorettes Lily


Lily is the sister of Theo and spends her time working at home. On weekends, she would hang around the lake or visit the library to relax. Once a week, she would stay at the Abandoned Villa to watch it over for her friend and sometimes uses that place to rest and relax.

Coral Island Bachelorettes Macy


Macy is the most adventurous girl players will meet in Coral Island. She is a full-time photographer that has an artistic side in her and works as well at the Inn. She loves night walks, taking pictures, playing video games, and Stephen, her pet lobster.

Coral Island Bachelorettes Millie


She works as a librarian and spends her free time bird-watching. During her work, not does she rearrange the books in the library and manage them, but she helps in organizing events for the Mayor through donations and such.

Coral Island Bachelorettes Nina


Although she is not a local resident of Coral Island, Nina spends her time there on vacation. When she is not around, she asks Lily to watch over the abandoned villa.

Coral Island Bachelorettes Suki


She is currently divorced but she is a strong and confident woman alongside her twin sister, Alice, who manages the Coral Inn as its owner. Before anything else, she is a mom first and anything else second.

Coral Island Bachelorettes yuri


A very unexpected character is Yuri for she is not your usual medical doctor. In her early 20s, she spends her time traveling around the border working as a field medic. She decides to stay on the island as a means of relaxation and work with Charles as a doctor.

Coral Island Bachelorettes Zarah


She is a treasure hunter that loves to discover the known especially on Coral Island. She lives on a boat and only uses it to visit her parents. She can be a bit mysterious at times but she is passionate about her work.

Coral Island The Coral-Three

(image credits to @davidalojaya)


Agung is a merman in the Merfolk Kingdom, which is located deep within the ocean.
In order to comprehend him and the other merfolk, as well as form relationships with them, you will need to decipher their native language “Merakih”.

Coral Island The Coral-Three Denali


Denali is a mermaid and she lives in the Merfolk Kingdom just like Agung. Little is known about her for now.

Coral Island The Coral-Three Giants


There is a legend in Coral Island that there are giants that exist in the soil that local residents live in. Ruins around the island depict that in ancient times, humans and giants worked together in developing the land of Coral Island.

Coral Island The Coral-Three Goddess of Flowers

Goddess of Flowers

The Goddess of Flowers is the goddess of Coral Island. In ancient times, she worked with the Merfolk and Giants to maintain the balance of the island and is still worshipped by both giants and merfolk to this day. The locals of Coral Island believe that the Goddess is responsible for rejuvenating the island’s water, soil, and well-being.

All Coral Island Pets

  • Bonbon – is a loyal canine companion in Coral Island.
  • Butter – Butter is one of the two adorable cats owned by Frank and Erika in Coral Island.
  • Peanut – Peanut is one of the two adorable cats owned by Frank and Erika in Coral Island.
  • Stephen – Macy’s pet lobster.
  • Taco – Taco is a Shiba Inu owned by Luke and his family in Vineyard. He has a carefree attitude and enjoys chasing chickens. He usually wears a neckerchief with dog bone patterns on it.

Other Coral Island Characters

  • Anne – A married woman who has a passion for filming wildlife and enjoys playing volleyball.
  • Antonio – The ex-husband of Suki, father of Valentina.
  • Archie – He is the son of Joko and Dinda and also the cousin of Surya. He loves animals and is usually found playing at Vineyard with Taco the dog.
  • Betty – She is the mother of Noah and Frank and used to run the Tavern with her late husband, Frank Sr. Currently, she spends most of her retirement days going around and feeding birds, educating younglings about coral reefs, and baking patisseries.
  • Bree – She is a housewife and manages the vineyard alongside her husband Walter and her son, Luke. She loves to do some cooking and throw parties despite her old age.
  • Connor – He is the mayor of Coral Island and used to run his own general store with his late wife Carol before deciding to run for office many moons ago. He has a profound love for his hometown and knows all the residents living there.
  • Derek
  • Dinda – She is the wife of Joko and loves to tend her herb garden, cook, and do community activities such as yoga on Saturdays.
  • Dippa – She owns a taco truck alongside her wife, Emma, and lives in a cottage.
  • Eleanor – She is a senior resident who lives in the Beach Shack.
  • Emily – She runs a hair salon with Erika and lives with her husband Sam who manages the General store. The couple had been wanting to have a child for a long time but had been unsuccessful.
  • Emma – She lives in a cottage behind her Taco Truck with her partner, Dippa, and is active in her job as a taco seller.
  • Erika – An honest woman and a stylist that works at Hair Salon in Coral Island. When she doesn’t have any work, she spends her free time lending her ear to anyone that needs help.
  • Frank – He and his brother, Noah run the tavern at the town center and spends most of his time creating new food recipes that will attract customers.
  • Jack – He works as a rancher and takes care of the farm animals living nearby the forest alongside his wife, Kira, and his son, Kenny. During his free time, he watches cooking shows and does experimental cooking so to speak.
  • Jim – He is very uncanny and used to work as a fisherman before handing down the rights to his boat to his son, Theo. He works on his recipe for making the best-smoked salmon during his free days and helps run the Beach shack.
  • Joko – As a local carpenter who lives in the Hillside, he is a proud Indonesian that loves his family and spends his time teaching his son, Archie how to fish and other stuff.
  • Judge Ross
  • Karen – She is the representative of Pufferfish Drilling Corp and serves as the main antagonist of Coral Island. She will do anything to fulfill her promise to demolish the land of Coral Island and make her dream town what she wants.
  • Kira – She is a retired huntress and spends her time doing yoga and playing musical instruments. Though retired, she teaches her hunting skills to the local residents to survive.
  • Ling – Alongside her fellow employees, she works as a marine biologist at Coral Island laboratories and during her days off, she knits and watches wildlife documentaries.
  • Oliver – He has the same age as Archies and lives at the Beach Shack with his dad, Sunny. He spends his time surfing and watching reruns of his favorite tv show.
  • Paul – He works as a wildlife enthusiast that spends his weekend exploring the forest and getting footage of animals nearby the lake area.
  • Ratih
  • Raina – She is a secretary of Pufferfish Drilling Corp, working under Karen. She has a kind and friendly attitude whenever she is outside of her office.
  • Randy – He works as a school teacher and has unexpected yet good theories that come in handy during political talks. In his free time, he loves to spend time drinking wine at the vineyard.
  • Sam – He owns a general store with his wife, Emily, and spends his days off relaxing at him He is a fan of puzzles and enjoys home-cooked meals.
  • Sunny – Alongside his son, Oliver, he runs the Beach Shack and loves boats, classic rock bands, and loves to eat vegan cheese.
  • Takeba – He manages the Bath House in Starlet Town.
  • Valentina – She goes to Starlet Town Elementary as an elementary school girl and enjoys surfing. She isn’t very good at it yet, but she spends a lot of time practicing and enjoys drinking hot chocolate drinks. She is the daughter of Suki.
  • Walter – He owns the Hillside Brewery and Vineyard and lives with his family and spends most of his when not working, watching sports channels, and drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Wataru – He is the father of Wakuu.
  • Zoe – Like her parents, Zoe spends her time enjoying the wildlife and goes to volleyball games cheering, and loves to watch birds.

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