How to Make Cake in Palworld

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Breeding Pals is a major part of Palworld’s gameplay. It is the one mechanic that allows players to hand-pick favorable traits to potentially pass on to a newly hatched Pal. While other games merely require you to leave creatures in daycare for an egg to drop, Palworld asks you to give the breeding pair a cake first.

In this quick guide, I’ll tell you all what you need to gather to bake a cake in Palworld. Please be reminded that your Pals will not be able to start the breeding process without cake. (For whatever reason.) Before anything else, you need to know how to access Cake in the game.

How to Access Cake in Palworld

One does not simply bake a cake over a campfire. That honor is reserved for soup and taters. But really, you can start baking cakes as soon as you reach level 17 and have unlocked the Cooking Pot from the tech tree. To make the cake, however, you’ll need a laundry list of ingredients found in different places on the map.

Cake Ingredients

To make a cake, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 5x Flour
  • 8x Red Berries
  • 7x Milk
  • 8x Egg
  • 2x Honey

You can buy all the ingredients except for Honey from the Wandering Merchant over at the Small Settlement. It’s going to cost you an arm and a leg in the long run if you keep buying your ingredients, so it’s a better idea to gather and farm your ingredients.

Flour is produced when you put Wheat in a Mill and have a Water-type Pal grind it into the multi-purpose ingredient. To have a continuous supply of wheat, you’ll need to build up a Wheat Plantation and have a team of Pals tend to it night and day. Both technology that makes all of this possible is unlocked at Level 15.

Red Berries can be found at almost every place in the forest biomes. Starting from Level 5, you can build a Red Berry Plantation to always have many berries at hand at all times.

As for Eggs, Milk, and Honey; these ingredients can be gathered after leaving the following Pals inside a Ranch to graze.

  • Chikipi for Eggs
  • Mozzarina for Milk
  • Beegarde for Honey

You can use this map from to find the possible spawn locations for these Pals. Alternatively, killing these Pals has a high chance of dropping the ingredients you need, in case you are feeling impatient.

How to Efficiently Farm Cake in Palworld

Great. Now that you have all the ingredients needed to create the cake. Let’s go over the Cooking Pot and start baking that cake…

You will quickly realize that baking a cake takes forever when you manually do it by holding down the action button. Eventually, you’ll want to find ways to lessen the time it takes to cook.

The most obvious method is to keep leveling up until you hit Level 41. That’s when you unlock the Electric Kitchen. It requires an electrical source to function but when in tandem with a Fire Pal, you can make a dent in that cooking time.

Another way you can cut cooking time is to have a Fire Pal with Level 3 or above in Kindling. With a high enough level, even baking a cake from the Cooking Pot doesn’t take up the whole day. Whenever I need a cake baked ASAP, I always turn to my ever-handy Reptyro to get the job done. If it’s not available, Wixen is a good substitute with both of you working on the cake at the same time.

There are more powerful Pals that can do the job better. But giant Pals are such an eyesore in any base that doesn’t have an open-air design. I didn’t include them cause they are most likely Level 40 and above. Depending on how involved you want to be in the breeding process, you can find all sorts of loopholes in every step of the process.