How To Make Money Fast In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Guide

Learn how to unlock bandit lairs, earn money fast and how to spend them wisely in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.

Money is important in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. For a rich kid, Sherlock sure has to work hard for his money. If you’re trying to buy everything Cordona denizens have to offer, then you may find yourself with shallow pockets. Here’s how to earn money fast in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.

How to Make Money Fast in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

There are two ways to earn money in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. You’ll eventually earn money as you progress but you will require some deep pockets if you’re trying to acquire all the Holmes’ family possessions or some of the best disguises the game has to offer.

Sherlock can’t really sell any of his items so the only way to gain money in the game is through some hard work.

Sherlock Holmes Cordona

Solve Cases

Solving cases is the main thing to do in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. And solving a case will always reward you with money. But for most cases, the payoff can be chicken feed. There’s a lot of cases to solve though in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One so detective work is a reliable source of income.

Sherlock Holmes Combat

Raid Bandit Lairs

Raiding bandit camps is by far the fastest way to earn cash. Even if you’re not a fan of the game’s combat, it can be pretty rewarding monetarily speaking. They don’t take as long as solving cases and can be repeated as many times as you want.

Now in order to ensure that you get the maximum reward possible, ensure that you don’t kill any of the bandits. Doing so lowers your score and reward. Though killing fifteen bandits will earn you the Blood On Your Hands achievement.

Reward Multiplier

You should consider taking a look at what each bandit lair has on their challenge list. Many of these reward multipliers will be locked at first until you accomplish their requirements. But unlocking them can multiply your measly reward for clearing a bandit lair significantly.

How to Unlock Bandit Lairs

You’ll unlock bandit lairs shortly after the prologue. In lieu of investigating your mother’s death, Sherlock searches through the police archives. This is where a policeman will ask him for a favor.

You’ll get a quick tutorial in combat and the game will tell you that you’ve unlocked Bandit Lairs across Cordona.

What You Can Spend Money On in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Shops across Cordona sell Sherlock outfits for disguises that will help him throughout his cases. Sherlock can also purchase his family’s lost property and other furniture to decorate the Stonewood Manor.

There isn’t really much else to do with the money in Cordona. You can’t bribe anyone into giving you information on any of the cases it seems.

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