How to Replenish Energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Stay energized.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Energy cover

Energy is a resource in Disney Dreamlight Valley that allows players to perform actions such as digging, mining, and fishing. Despite being easily deplted, there are a couple of ways on how to replenish quuickly.

In this guide, we will be talking about the energy resource in Disney Dreamlight Valley and also talk about ways on how to manage and replenish it.

Replenish your energy by resting at home or by eating food

How Energy works in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Energy is required to be able to do certain abilities in the game. These activities include:

  • Digging with the shovel
  • Watering using the watering can
  • Breaking rocks with the pickaxe
  • Fishing using the fishing rod, but only when reeling back in with a bite, with or without a fish
  • Removing Night Thorns

Actions that do not consume energy include:

  • Moving around
  • Filling in dug holes with the shovel
  • Planting seeds
  • Harvesting crops
  • Foraging plants or fruits
  • Casting the fishing rod and retrieving the bait without a bite
  • Talking to other characters

How to replenish Energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Energy can be replenished by eating food or by entering your house. When the energy reserve is depleted, you won’t be able to do any of the actions that consume it until it has been replenished; it does not prevent you from doing the other actions that does not cost energy, nor does it make you move slow.

Eating Food

When eating foraged or raw food, it can replenish your energy reserve and the replenished amount depends on the food type. Such food can only replenish your energy reserve until its max level (blue). As for cooked food, eating them will replenish more energy per food item. If eaten beyond the regular max level (blue), excess replenished energy will fill the reserve once more (yellow). Raw or foraged food eaten while having the yellow energy reserve will not replenish any energy.

Resting in the House

When entering your house, you can recuperate your energy almost instantly as the regeneration rate is so fast. This can be done any time without a limit.

Upgrading the Energy Reserve

Your max energy will increase by a little every time you level up your character, so work on those friendship levels.

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