How to romance Andreja in Starfield

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Andreja is one of the characters in Starfield you can romance. Her stoic attitude makes it a bit difficult to get a read on her, but she will open up if you can prove yourself trustworthy. If you aren’t scared of getting your hands dirty, then Andreja might just be the one for you. Here’s a guide that shows you how to romance Andreja in Starfield.

How do you Romance Andreja in Starfield?

Players in Starfield can romance Andreja by completing the “Divided Loyalties” quest, which only becomes available after reaching a high level of friendship with her. At the end, meet her in her room at The Lodge and talk to her. Pick the dialogue options for romance to become an item.

It’s very likely that you’ll recruit Andreja as your last companion. You need to recruit her first before you can unlock Divided Loyalties. Complete the Into the Unknown main story quest to unlock her as a companion. Then select Andreja as your active companion who’ll follow you throughout the stars.

You then have to raise your friendship level with Andreja once you’ve selected her as a companion. This is done by performing actions and selecting dialogue options that she likes. Pick any options to flirt when they’re available. Once your friendship is high enough, Andreja will talk to you about something important that unlocks the Divided Loyalties quest.

The Divided Loyalties quest is a pretty lengthy mission, taking you to several locations. You’ll have to help Andreja settle a very personal matter. And at the end, you’ll have to convince her to either stand down or kill a character. Telling Andreja to take a merciful approach will provide a better sense of relief.

After completing the Divided Loyalties quest, you’ll find yourselves back at The Lodge. You can now romance Andreja by going to her room and telling her you love her. Once you do, you’re locked into a romance with Andreja.

When in a romantic relationship with Andreja, she will not like you flirting with other romance options. So you’ll have to be loyal to her.

Andreja Romance Likes & Dislikes in Starfield

Here is how Andreja will react to specific dialogue and actions:




Hurting innocents


Taking bribes

Sarcastic and aggressive dialogue options

Killing innocents

Unlike your other companions like Sarah Morgan or Barrett, Andreja is acclimated unlawful actions due to her rough upbringing. She still won’t like you hurting innocent people for no reason and will turn away from more cruel actions. However Andreja won’t bat an eye from seeing you steal.

Just continue to keep doing things that Andreja likes and she’ll eventually open up to you about Divided Loyalties. Be careful as doing things that she dislikes will cause her to leave you as a companion.

How to Marry Andreja in Starfield?

You can marry Andreja after being in a romantic relationship with her for a period of time. The option for a commitment will eventually pop up which has you undertake a quest to marry her. Go to the wedding ceremony and you two will officially tie the knot.

Marriage in Starfield isn’t permanent. You can divorce Andreja by telling her that the marriage isn’t making you happy. It’s a heartbreaking scene and you’ll lose her as a companion as she’ll need time to herself even though she still considers you an ally.

If you choose to keep your commitment to Andreja, you’ll find her to be a loyal companion who’ll have your back against all odds in the galaxy.