How to Toast Another Player MultiVersus And Clear Challenges

This guide will tell you where to get toast and why you should be using the feature

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The MultiVersus open beta is close to opening its doors to the general player base and the one feature every player should know and understand is MultiVersus’ Toasting feature. It is a great way to show your respect towards others after a match has concluded and it comes with some benefits not only to you but to the player(s) you are Toasting. And this guide will tell you how to toast another player MultiVersus style.

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Where to get Toast in MultiVersus

Toast in itself is an in-game item that you can buy using the gold you earn by completing premium and free battle pass tiers. To get it, you need to go to the left tab of the main menu under “COLLECTION”.

On this screen, the player can see everything they’ve unlocked throughout their time playing the game. This is also the place where they can spend their hard-earned Gold or Gleamium.

There is actually a dedicated Toast button on the top right corner of the screen that players can press. A stack of 10 Toast will cost 350 Gold. Alternatively, battle pass progression will unlock a set stack of Toast for you to use. And don’t worry, from the current preseason battle pass, they appear to be acquirable early on.

How to Toast Another Player MultiVersus

Toast comes into effect after the match has concluded and you give Toast to your ally and to opposing players. Once the winner has been decided, all the players in the match will be taken to a stats screen where your performance throughout the match is shown on your banner. If you have Toast on hand (indicated by the number on the top right of the screen), you can hover to the top of the player(s) banner and give them Toast.

For your part, you can see if you have been toasted during this time. It will appear in the upper right corner of the screen with the name of the player that gave you the Toast.

Giving another player toast comes with it a 25 gold reward. It’s not much but it’s the thought that counts. Also, the gold will amount to something eventually, might be enough to buy a new character down the line.

And finally, there are a few challenges and achievements tied to the act of Toasting. So it is worth doing… if only for the free gold that comes with completing challenges.

And that’s it for this short guide on how to Toast another player in MultiVersus. And hopefully, you know now how the feature benefits not only yourself but the player receiving the Toast.

Check out this quick video from Youtuber Meumanee where they show how to toast people in MultiVersus.

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