How to Unlock a Forge in Valheim

Steps on how to make and upgrade the Forge in Valheim

Valheim Forge cover

The Forge is one of the base structures in Valheim. It is an essential structure that lets players craft more tools, do upgrades, or repair items. Unlocking it as quick as possible will provide a good advantage and boost to one’s progression.

Read ahead as we talk about the Forge in Valheim, how to unlock it, and what it can be used for.

Unlocking the Forge

To unlock the Forge recipe, you need to get hold of Copper which is one of the materials needed to craft a Forge. Copper can be obtained by smelting Copper ore or Copper scrap through a Smelter.

How to make and use the Forge

Crafting the Forge requires the following materials:

  • x10 Wood
  • x4 Stone
  • x4 Coal
  • x6 Copper

To use the Forge, you must first craft and place it under a shelter with at least 70% coverage for it to work. Then you can simply interact with the Forge and craft the unlocked recipes from within it, provided that you have the necessary materials.

Upgrading the Forge

Upgrading the Forge allows you to build the higher-tier items that can be built within it. To upgrade the Forge, you will need to craft additional tools and structures around it. Depicted with a star on the Crafting tab and positioned right after the Forge icon, these are the structures needed to upgrade the Forge and their respective materials:

  • Forge Bellows – x5 Wood, x5 Deer hide, x4 Chain
  • Anvils – x5 Wood, x2 Bronze
  • Smith’s Anvil – x5 Wood, x20 Iron
  • Forge Cooler – x25 Fine Wood, x10 Copper
  • Forge Toolrack – x10 Wood, x15 Iron
  • Grinding Wheel – x25 Wood, x1 Sharpening Stone

The Forge starts off a level 1 and can be upgraded to level 7 with all required items placed around it. These items have to be placed within the proximity of the Forge. The Forge will emit particles that you can see during build mode to know if the structure is still well within its range. Knowing this, it is important to do a bit of base planning first to give the Forge enough space around it. Some of the items, such as the Anvils or Smith’s Anvil, can be placed on top of shelves to save up on space.

Check out this video by SomeNutzGuy showing how to upgrade the Forge in Valheim:

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