How to Unlock Racers in Disney Speedstorm

Learn the ways of how to unlock Racers in Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm Racer Unlock cover

Racers are the main playable characters in Disney Speedstorm. Each racer has their own unique skills that provide different kinds of racing experiences, advantages, and difficulties. However, not all racers will be available in the beginning; they can be unlocked by gathering enough of their racer shards through various means.

Read ahead as we go through the options of unlocking the Racers of Disney Speedstorm.

How to Unlock Racers - Disney Speedstorm

How to Unlock Racers in Disney Speedstorm?

All racers in Disney Speedstorm, regardless of the tier, will require at least 10 pieces of their racer shards to be unlocked. Unlocked racers can then be used in other game modes, provided that the particular race does not have a required racer. Alternatively, there are chapters that are locked until the required racer has been unlocked.

How to obtain Racer Shards - Racers in Disney Speedstorm

How to obtain Racer Shards

Racer Shards can be obtained in different ways. Some racers are tied to the Starter Circuit, while others are season exclusives.

  • Universal Box: Costs 10,000 Season Coins; has a chance to give 1-3 shards of a random racer from a large loot pool.
  • Season Box: Costs 1 to 3 Purple Season Coins per pull; has a chance to get 2 to 8 shards of a random racer from the showcased collection.
  • Limited Events: Complete objectives under certain limited events to obtain shards of the showcased racer.
  • Daily Specials: Racer shards are often on sale costing Season Coins depending on their rank and amount of shards. The selection rotates daily.
  • Star-Up Packs: Certain racers get Star-Up Pack offers in the shop, usually upon unlocking them.
  • Starter Circuit Rewards: Rewards Boxes can be unlocked in Starter Circuit chapters that reward racer shards.
  • Golden Pass: Rewards for reaching certain tiers in the Golden Pass.
  • Ranked Multiplayer: Obtain shards for your chosen racer when gaining MPR using that specific racer in Ranked Multiplayer.

Purchasing the Founder’s Packs will give players the option to unlock an additional racer right at the beginning of their racing career. They can choose one from the following racers: Baloo, Belle, The Beast, Elizabeth Swann, Mowgli, or Shang.

Upgrading Racers - Disney Speedstorm

Upgrading Racers

Racers can be upgraded by obtaining more of their shards. Every succeeding tier will have a higher shard requirement to progress. A total of 205 shards are needed to raise a racer to its highest star level.

  • 2 stars: 20 shards
  • 3 stars: 35 shards
  • 4 stars: 55 shards
  • 5 stars: 85 shards

Upgrading racers to their 2-star level will unlock the ability to use their Unique Skill in races. Further star upgrades will improve not only their Unique Skills, but also their Common Skills.

Additionally, upgrading star levels will also unlock Crew more slots which will allow racers to equip more crews.

  • 1-2 stars: 1 slot
  • 3 stars: 2 slots
  • 4 stars: 3 slots
  • 5 stars: 4 slots
Selecting Racers - Disney Speedstorm

Selecting Racers

Unlocked Racers can be used in several game modes, and they can be selected right before starting a race. Limited Events, Ranked and Regulated Multiplayer, and Private Track allow players to use their unlocked racers. Local Freeplay allows players to use all the racers, regardless if they have them unlocked or not.

However, races in Starter Circuit and Season Tour have conditions and are locked into using a particular Racer/Guest Racer.

Check out this video by Sick Nostalgia showing just some of the available racers in Disney Speedstorm: