How to unlock Rapunzel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A guide on how to unlock Rapunzel as a friend in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Rapunzel has now been added to Disney Dreamlight Valley through the A Rift in Time expansion update for the game. Based on the titular Disney movie and classic fairytale, Rapunzel is known to have a long lock of hair that she lets down outside the window of her tower for her Mother Gothel to climb on to. Read ahead as we go through the quests that will unlock Rapunzel as a villager in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To get access to the quests that are part of Rapunzel’s quest line, you must first finish Jafar’s The Sands in the Hourglass quest. Doing so will allow you access to Eternity Isle’s Wild Tangle biome, where Rapunzel can be found.

Where to find Rapunzel

While at the Wild Tangle Biome, look for the small flowers on the ground in the grasslands, as they serve as a trail that will lead you to where Rapunzel is. Rapunzel is just behind the waterfall within the biome, next to the Ancient Door.

Talk to Rapunzel, and she will tell you about how she got there. You then ask her if she has seen any Jewel of Time, and she only points you to the Ancient Door near her, which is the only place she hasn’t been to before and which might also be where the jewel can be found. After this conversation, you will then start the first quest, The Ancient Door quest.

The Ancient Door Quest

The Ancient Door Quest - How to unlock Rapunzel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Start by removing the floating rocks at the door using your Hourglass. One of them will drop a piece of Sun Core. Rapunzel will tell you that she saw more floating rocks at the Plains and Docks which may have the remaining pieces of the Sun Core.

After collecting the two pieces and rebuilding the Sun Core, head back to the Ancient Door and use the core to open the door. You will then get access to a new area which has an ancient structure that looks like a sundial.

The Sundial Quest

The Sundial Quest - How to unlock Rapunzel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you inspect the sundial, you’ll notice that it’s missing some parts and it needs fixing. Rapunzel suggests that you collect 10 golden gears that are scattered around the island and use it as parts for the sundial. After collecting enough gears, Rapunzel fixes the sundial which reveals a bridge leading to a nearby island.

From this island, you get a clue that Mother Gothel may have known where the Jewel of Time was stored away.

The Tower Quest

The Tower Quest - How to unlock Rapunzel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You then make your way to Rapunzel’s tower. After clearing the path leading to the tower, Rapunzel shares her hesitation in climbing the tower again as she hears the voice of her mother warning her about the outdoors. Despite this, you figure out a way to get into the tower and it’s by growing vines.

The next step is to find vine seeds at the Oasis. Collect 3 vine seeds by digging up the small vines from the ground, then bring these back to the Tower. With the help of your hourglass magic, these vines grow almost instantly, allowing you access inside the tower.

Once inside the tower, you will see that it is a mess with all of the swirling sands that got in it. Go to the corner where Mother Gothel’s chest is to open it, but an apparition of Mother Gothel made up of sand will appear to stop you. Rapunzel chooses to go against her words which makes the apparition disappear, revealing the second Jewel of Time in its place. Finally, open the box to find Rapunzel’s art paint and give it back to her to complete the quest.

From this point, you can start to befriend Rapunzel and raise your friendship level with her.

That explains how you can unlock Rapunzel and bring her into the valley. Also check out our main page of Disney Dreamlight Valley for more guides and walkthroughs.