How to Unlock the Floor Recipe in Grounded

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Having floors is important to keep the base away from the ground where most of the creepy crawlies are. However, the blueprints to craft any of the floors in Grounded are not readily available. The good news is that it is not that difficult to unlock at least one of the basic floors to get a base started.

In this guide, we will talk about how to unlock the different types of floors in Grounded, and how to craft them.

How to unlock Floor Recipes in Grounded

Compared to the other base building parts that can be acquired by analyzing items, the starter floors that you can build in the game can be unlocked by progressing into the story of Grounded.

To unlock the Grass Floors, you need to fix the Mysterious Machine first to unlock the Explosion quest. In this quest, you are tasked to investigate the explosion near the Oak Tree after the Mysterious Machine malfunctioned. Upon arriving at the explosion site, you will gain entrance to the Oak Lab.

Inside the lab, you’ll meet BURG.L who you will have to talk to. After following the dialogue, you will then be able to access the ASL Terminal, from which you can access BURG.L’s shop. In this shop, you can purchase new crafting recipes in exchange for Raw Science (RS). The craftable floors are included in particular recipe sets, such as the:

  • Multi-Story Bases (1,000 RS)
    • Grass Floor
    • Grass Half Floor
    • Triangle Floor
  • Fortified Bases (2,500 RS)
    • Stem Floor
    • Stem Half Floor
    • Triangle Stem Floor
  • Curved Bases (2,500 RS)
    • Grass Curved Floor
    • Crass Curved Half Floor
    • Stem Curved Floor
    • Stem Curved Half Floor

One particular set that has the different Bur floors can be unlocked by analyzing a Spiky Bur obtained from Bur Weeds.

  • Bur Type
    • Bur Floor
    • Bur Half Floor
    • Triangle Bur Floor
    • Bur Curved Floor
    • Bur Curved Half Floor

How to Craft Floors

To craft floors, you will need to go to the Crafting menu and select the floor that you want. If you are just starting to lay down your floor, look for valid placed where you can put one, such as flat surfaces. You will know if it’s a valid building spot for a floor if the floor projection or plan shows as blue instead of red. If you have already laid down a floor, you can simply connect a new floor on one of the existing floor’s sides.

Once the floor plans have been laid, you can then gather the necessary materials, bring them over to the build spot, and select the option to build. Once all the materials have been placed, the floor will be constructed immediately.

A floor can be built like an overhang as long as it is supported or attached to something that is planted in place. Otherwise, it will break down and become deconstructed, which may cause other connected parts to it to break down as well.

Floors can be used as simple roofs, too.

Floor Recipes

Here are the recipes for the different floors:

  • Grass Type – require Grass Planks
    • Grass Floor – 4 planks
    • Grass Half Floor – 2 planks
    • Triangle Floor – 2 planks
    • Grass Curved Floor – 4 planks
    • Grass Curved Half Floor – 2 planks
  • Stem Type – require Weed Stems and Crude Ropes
    • Stem Floor – 4 stems, 2 ropes
    • Stem Half Floor – 2 stems
    • Triangle Stem Floor – 2 stems, 1 rope
    • Stem Curved Floor – 4 stems, 2 ropes
    • Stem Curved Half Floor – 2 stems, 2 ropes
  • Bur Type – require Spiky Burs and Lint Ropes
    • Bur Floor – 4 burs, 2 ropes
    • Bur Half Floor – 2 burs, 1 rope
    • Triangle Bur Floor – 2 burs, 1 rope
    • Bur Curved Floor – 4 burs, 2 ropes
    • Bur Curved Half Floor – 2 burs, 1 rope

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