Humankind Together We Rule Expansion Now Available

New expansion is out now!

Amplitude Studios has released Humankind Together We Rule expansion today.

Together We Rule is the first Humankind expansion that brings new features to in-game diplomacy, espionage, and six new diplomatic affinity cultures. It comes with the new Metternich free update which adds stealth mechanics and revamps independent peoples.


See the world in a new light and manage conflicts differently with new gameplay features focused on diplomacy and espionage:

  • Congress of Humankind – Get involved in an inter-empire forum with the Congress of Humankind. The congress will allow players to vote and decide on global doctrines and arbitrate international conflicts together.
  • Embassy – Use this new Quarter to sign agreements that are beneficial for both empires, like joint training or research agreements. Or use your Leverage currency to force an empire to take specific actions to your benefit, like lowering war support or enforcing demands.
  • Agents – Use this new unit family to gather Leverage. They will also allow you to infiltrate, sabotage and disinform other empires.
  • Diplomatic Affinity + 6 New Cultures – The new Diplomatic Affinity allows its cultures to have a more active role in the world’s diplomacy.
    • Their Active Ability allows them to demilitarize a territory for 10 turns, while their Passive Ability allows all their units, beyond just agents, to collect Leverage.
    • The 6 new cultures are the Sumerians, the Han Chinese, the Bulgarians, the Swiss, the Scots, and the Singaporeans.
  • 6 new wonders, new narrative events, new music – Monument Valley, Pamukkale, Chocolate Hills, Eldgjá, Palace of Versailles, and the Congress of Humankind Headquarters.
humankind together we rule

Metternich Free Update Full Patch Notes

ADDITIONS – Together We Rule Expansion pack
– New feature: Inter-empire Forum: Congress of Humankind
– New Currency: Leverage
– New Quarter: Embassy (unlocking new interactions with other empires)
– New Unit Family: Agent
– 6 New Cultures with a New Affinity: Diplomatic
– 6 New Wonders
– 15 New Narrative Events (including 4 inter-empire events)
– 7 New Independent People
– New In-Game Themed Music Tracks composed By Arnaud Roy

– New stealth system! Stealth units are now concealed until their stealth value reaches zero in enemy territories.
– Third party reinforcement! You can loan your armies to help your allies in battle.
– New Independent People system! You can now sign treaties with Independent People.
– Updated main screen UI! A few UI elements have been moved around the main UI for a clearer experience.

– Independent People now spawn Armies less often on Hamlet, Town and Metropolis difficulties.
– Modified the formula to lower Civic Enact costs when many Civics had already been enacted (average reduction of -50% to costs).
– Lowered the Influence gains of the Aesthete “Culture Bomb” ability, especially on territories with many neighboring territories.
– Reworked the effects of the Authority domestic ideology to provide extra Stability on Garrisons (instead of deprecated “Detection Range”).
– New Effects for the “Colonization” Civic: Vassal Colonies choice now gives bonus Money and Industry on cities founded on a new Continent, while the Naturalized Colonies choice gives bonus Stability on cities founded on a new Continent.
– Aztec Jaguar Warriors can now be upgraded from Swordsmen.

– Made adjustments to how the Wonder-Full achievement unlocks. Players are now asked to build 22 wonders.
– Fixed an issue where on rare ocassions, points of interest could spawn on Natural Wonders.
– Fixed a few instabilities that could lead to indefinitively pending turns.
– Fixed an issue where some FIMS previews on infrastructures were not working correctly.
– Fixed an issue where the “[Enacted]” civics tag wasn’t translated in languages other than English.
– Fixed Issues that were sometimes occuring when launching a nuclear strike on multiple locations during the same turn.
– Fixed some localization issues that where occuring with the Empires names in the Megalomania grievance.
– Fixed an issue where the Assyrian Raiders’ Pillager ability only mention Outposts and Independent Camp.
– Fixed an issue where the “Share maps” treaty causes both empires to be first when discovering a natural wonder.
– Fixed an issue where the Roman Emblematic Unit (Praetorian Guards) tooltip for Tactical Superiority was misleading.
– Fixed an issue where wrong tutorial text would display for breaking treaties.
– Fixed an issue where an inaccurate “No line of sight” debuff was appearing when attacking with torpedo boats.
– Fixed an issue where the player could have access to shared projects outside of their territories.
– Fixed an issue where loading custom maps were not properly displayed in the Caps section.
– Fixed an issue where the Culinary Trend narrative event was triggered too early.
– Fixed an issue where luxury resource deposit could spawn on a Natural Wonder tile.
– Fixed an issue where Debug text was displayed in the Event “Left Out”.
– Made the difference between linking a Steam account to G2G and connecting to G2G in game clearer.

– Fixed an issue where the Land Rights and Knowledge Authority civics were not unlocked correctly.
– Fixed an issue where Jaguar Warriors made Great Swordmen seem obsolete.
– Fixed an issue where animals could reinforce each other.
– Fixed an issue where on rare occasions, armies would not execute an attack from an elevated position.
– Fixed an issue where Garrisons were exploiting tiles around them.
– Fixed an issue where instant war support was not being calculated correctly.
– Fixed an issue where the Narrative Event “Justice for All” might not trigger properly.
– Fixed an issue where the “You successfully plundered” in Ransack Successful! notification was not informative enough.
– Fixed an issue where placeholder text is sometime displayed in the grievance “Thwarted our occupation of”.
– Fixed an issue where eliminated empires have the “Joining” status during multiplayer sessions.
– Fixed an issue where slots occupied by eliminated empires appear as available inside the “Join Game” menu.
– Fixed an issue where placeholder text is displayed in the description of the Ming’s emblematic quarter.
– Fixed an issue where the tutorial about Deployment was not showing up.
– Fixed an issue where placeholder text was displayed in the Battle Result.
– Fixed an issue where placeholder text was displayed when attacking wood wall with artillery.
– Fixed multiple missing or incorrect texts displayed in the help layer.
– Fixed an issue where no grievance or War Support changes happened when a tile has been ransacked.
– Fixed an issue where the civics osmosis refusal penalty had the same duration for all game speeds.
– Fixed some debug text appearing if the city targeted by “The Human Cost II” event gets destroyed before the event is triggered.
– Fixed an issue where the AI would sometimes keep making demands each time the player had refused another demand.
– Fixed an issue where tutorial windows and tooltips can display severe flickering in specific situations.
– Fixed an issue where Exploitation Tiles had a health bar in the tooltip.
– Fixed an issue where the “A Totem for the Tribe” Narrative Event was triggered by another empire’s Army.
– Fixed an issue where invalid characters were allowed when saving a custom map inside the map editor.
– Fixed an issue where false information was displayed when an opponent refused a Crisis Defusal proposal.
– Fixed an issue where the event “Propaganda Machine” wasn’t triggered when meeting the requirements.
– Fixed an issue where players couldn’t buy ressources through world map on the turn you signed a trade treaty.
– Fixed an issue where the tooltip for non-district tiles claimed to have +1 vision.
– Fixed an issue where “Under One Banner” displayed an incorrect duration.
– Fixed an issue where grievances were triggered because of stopped trade agreement after vassalage is enforced.
– Fixed an issue where the narrative event “An Envious eye” was triggered incorrectly for players first in fame.
– Fixed an issue where the Neolithic Legacy Trait Narrative Event did not trigger if the Knowledge star is earned on Turn 1.
– Fixed an issue where Unit industry cost reduction structures show no gains in Infrastructure Effects.
– Made the message that appears when attempting to use a missile on units that are in a battle between other empires clearer.
– Fixed an issue where false information was displayed when attempting to break a treaty after recently signing one.
– Fixed an issue where the help layer UI button could get misaligned with the rest of the UI.
– Fixed an issue where the Latin America DLC Culture “Caralans” showed up as “Norte Chico” in the Polish language.
– Enacting the “Public Happiness” Civic choice in the “Fundamental Values” now correctly reduces the production cost of emblematic districts that “count as” Public Order districts.

– Fixed an issue where the Terra incognita stayed undiscovered during battles.
– Fixed an issue where the UI could disappear and potentially crash the game.
– Fixed an issue where an incorrect FIMS preview for Commons Quarter appeared when placing it next to most base quarters.
– Fixed an issue where demanded territories could not be obtained with war resolution.
– Fixed an issue where on rare occasions, the game could crash when exiting Diplomacy Screen.
– Fixed an issue where players could encounter a large number of unexpected notifications.
– Fixed an issue where Spymasters did not cost population.
– Fixed an issue where the game could become stuck if an embassy was lost before an agreement is signed.
– Fixed an issue where the game could crash when switching tabs in Diplomacy Screen.
– Fixed an issue where the Spy, Spymaster, and Envoy Units did not get a bonus for attacking from high ground.
– Fixed an issue where Expansion pack name was wrong.

Humankind is now available on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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