Ignition Code Destiny 2 God Roll 2023 & Why It’s Worth Getting

This guide will tell you about getting the god roll for the Ignition Code

Ignition Code Destiny 2 God Roll Featured Image

The Ignition Code Destiny 2 Grenade Launcher first appeared on the scene as a weapon that was part of the Season of Splicer way back when. It was heavily featured alongside favorites such as the Chroma Rush Auto Rifle and Gridskipper Pulse Rifle. What sets this weapon apart is the fact that it can roll with one unique combination.

Once upon a time, the Ignition Code was locked behind seasonal activities. Nowadays, however, the weapon can be acquired by completing rounds in Dares of Eternity on certain weeks.

Ignition Code Destiny 2 Base Stats

The Ignition Code comes with the following base stats:

  • Blast Radius: 100
  • Velocity: 72
  • Stability: 28
  • Handling: 64
  • Reload Speed: 64
  • Zoom: 1
  • Rounds Per Minute: 90

Since the weapon is a lightweight frame GL, you can get the benefits of both better mobility and timed detonations. But the god roll for this weapon doesn’t need timed detonations.

Ignition Code God Roll

With all the other GLs that have come out recently, the Ignition Code has fallen quite a bit for a while now. Some god rolls are now possible with other lightweights. But there’s one roll that’s unique to the weapon, and definitely worth getting.

The Ignition Code’s god roll in Destiny 2 Season 20 has got to be Disorienting Grenades in the second column and Slideshot in the third column. First and fourth column rolls don’t really matter much.

The idea is to create a perpetual disorienting machine in the shape of a Guardian. Slideshot partially reloads the weapon a second after you perform a slide. Coupled with the disorienting effect, you can potentially keep a whole room of enemies stunned for as long as you have grenades to throw at them.

Where to Get Ignition Code

Unfortunately, the only way to get the Ignition Code god roll is to complete a ridiculous amount of runs in Dares of Eternity. Unless you are the luckiest person in Destiny 2, you will be at the mercy of the RNG gods called the Nine. They decide what loot you’ll get from the chest at the end of the run. Also, from what we’ve seen, Lightning Rounds don’t really help. But doing the Legendary ones will improve the quality of the loot you’ll get.

But no matter what farming technique you want to run, it’s still a one-in-twelve chance of it ever coming up from chests.

That’s everything we’ve got for the Ignition Code Destiny 2 Godroll. We wish you luck in getting the perfect god roll, if you’re aiming for one. See ya next time, Guardians.

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