Ikonei Island An Earthlock Adventure Open Beta Launches on Steam Today

The Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley inspired game taking the next step in development

Ikonei Island An Earthlock Adventure Featured Image

Independent developer Snowcastle Games today launched the two-week Open Beta on PC (via Steam) for its upcoming adventure, crafting game, Ikonei Island An Earthlock Adventure. Craft items, arrange furniture, thwart pirates, and befriend animals, Ikonei Island is coming to Steam Early Access later this Summer. Details about the Early Access release date and the roadmap towards a full PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC will be revealed in the near future.

You can watch the Open Beta announcement trailer below, courtesy of Snowcastle Games.

We are thrilled to launch the open beta of Ikonei Island to players via a Steam Playtest today for two weeks. The open beta will give players a first look at what we have created so far – dancing pirates, mystical shrines and curious creatures all form part of the adventure. We can’t wait to gather community feedback that will help shape Ikonei Island as we move into Steam Early Access

Bendik Stang, Game Director & Co-founder of Snowcastle Games

Ikonei Island Multiplayer

Expect to encounter perilous pirate camps and battle monsters as you uncover Ikonei Island’s secrets. Perhaps most importantly, look forward to doing all this with your friends! Multiplayer is one of the key features that Snowcastle will add to the game as it builds out the title’s features during Early Access.

Customize Your Very Own Island

Alongside the game’s satisfying crafting systems, farming, combat, and everything else Ikonei Island has to offer, players will have the opportunity to make the island their own. An upgrade hamlet serves as a base of operations and unique peaceable items allow you to customize the island to your liking. That extends to your home, which can be decorated to your own tastes!

About Ikonei Island An Earthlock Adventure

Taking inspiration from titles like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, Ikonei Island An Earthlock Adventure adds to compelling exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and customization systems with a host of fun gameplay ideas that give this colorful title its own twist. Befriending local wildlife and using their unique abilities to help you access new areas of the island offers a compelling exploration mechanic, unlike anything you’ve seen in the genre before.

Set in the universe of the Earthlock RPGs, Ikonei Island takes the rich world-building and magical setting of the franchise into new territory. As you explore a diverse and intriguing landscape with secrets waiting to be uncovered, you will discover ancient ruins from a bygone civilization and unlock a host of different biomes, ranging from icy mountains and parched deserts to dense jungles and humid swamps.


  • Grow More Powerful – Keep the amri infused at bay, and create powerful weapons to help you navigate Ikonei Island!
  • Thwart the Greedy Pirates – A band of pirates have discovered the island, and have their own plans on how to make money off of it. Make sure they do not get their way!
  • Befriend the Wildlife – After waking up on a bizarre island, you will meet mysterious statues and curious creatures. Bond with these creatures, and harness their unique and interesting abilities to explore deeper into Ikonei Island.
  • Make the Island You Own – Harvest materials using tools and creature abilities, and build workshops that can create and assemble resources. All of these materials will come in handy to truly customize the island to your liking, and uncover its mysteries of it. Your hamlet, starting from dilapidated ruins, will grow to become your base of operations on the island.
  • Tend to Your Crops – Create and nurture your farm from scratch, using a variety of tools and systems for increased efficiency and rewards. (More coming soon!)
  • Meet the Locals – Surely there are others who must know about Ikonei Island, each with their own story to tell, and knowledge to impart. (More coming soon!)
  • Play with Friends – Ikonei Island will be multiplayer! (More coming soon!)

More details on the roadmap for Ikonei Island’s Early Access journey will be shared soon.

Source: Press Release