FPS Magic Shooter Immortals of Aveum Release Date Officially Revealed

It's an FPS game but without guns. You use magic.

Ascendant Studios has recently announced the official Immortals of Aveum Release date after it was teased yesterday.

Immortals of Aveum is a single-player FPS game without guns because you shoot with magic. It is published by EA and developed by San Rafael-based developer Ascendant Studios. It offers a single-player campaign in a carefully-crafted, lore-rich world.

According to the latest info, the world of Aveum features a land torn apart, literally and figuratively, by a millennium-long Everwar for control of magical leylines. In the middle of this, almost everlasting conflict is a bottomless rift called The Wound that is growing larger. In the middle of it is a mysterious towering statue at its center that seems to be staring at everything.

Players will be taking control of Jak, an aspiring Immortal who became a Magnus battle mage after getting chosen from his life as an orphan in the slums. He has the rare ability to wield all three colors of magic and is called a Triarch. Jak is protecting his homeland Lucium while fighting against another superpower who wants the leylines, the Rasharn.

So what is exactly an Immortal? “Basically, they’re like the Navy SEALS of our wizard world,” says Ascendant CEO and Game Director Robbins. They’re taking on the forces of Rasharn, but human soldiers are far from the only threat they’ll face: Elementals, magically-animated Constructs, and terrifyingly resilient Archons. But some of the most memorable encounters will be battles against other expert spellslingers. According to Robbins, “When you have a wizard-on-wizard battle, that’s when things really get crazy.”

Jak can handle three colors of magic and has an arsenal of them. Some of them mentioned are Breachfire which acts like a shotgun, Stormshards which fires rapid-firing homing projectiles, and Javels, which are chargeable projectiles that can be thrown at enemies.

Jak also has various ways to move around like double jumping, hovering over enemies, using a Lash spell to latch onto anchors or pull enemies closer, and teleport dodge.

Immortals of Aveum launches on July 20, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.