Interview: Pinoy Brickster’s Cebu – Taking A Piece Out Of Their Minds | ARCHCon 2017

There are those people who just enjoy the feel of both building and collecting brick toys. There are some who don’t care as to what kind of brick toy you have, so long as it’s made of brick then it’s all good. And this is the perfect description for those who are a part of Pinoy Brickster’s Cebu Group. They’re the people who were in charge of showing us all of their different brick toys that were on display and I was lucky enough to interview one of the group’s members, Avelino Moriles 2nd.  I was able to gather his thoughts regarding ARCHCon and his participation in it.

So can you tell me a bit about the group/company? What is the main product you’re exhibiting here in ARCHCon ?

Avelino: Our group is called Pinoy Bricksters Cebu and we have a main group in manila and since it’s in manila, we just made a separate group here in Cebu based. We’re mainly focusing on lego based display of any kind here in ARCHCon .

What do you think about this year’s ARCHCon?

Avelino: This is actually our first time joining something like this. It’s actually very overwhelming and we’re just glad to be a part of it.

Do you think that this is great exposure for you and the group/company? Will you be participating next year as well?

Avelino: Yes it’s really good as we want people to enjoy what we have. We might just do this again for next year’s ARCHCon .


While this man may not have been much for words, I could tell that he was very driven when it came to his passion and love for brick toys. This year’s ARCHCon has a lot to offer, and we should be very grateful that these exhibitors took the time and effort to show us the different models and figurines that we can all appreciate. So take a picture or talk to these people to show your support! Who knows? We might just increase the amount of people who love a good brick toy, and not just one type but all of them!