Is Dead Island 2 Open World?

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Dead Island 2 open world featured

An open world game would be fitting for Dead Island 2 considering its predecessor’s formula. Its emphasis on melee combat with the undead makes it necessary to roam around and collect stronger weapons. So it would make a lot of sense to have a more open and explorable environment for the game.

Read on as we discuss if Dead Island 2 has an open world accessible for exploration.

Is Dead Island 2 Open World?

Although Dead Island 2 seems like an open world game, it’s really more of a game comprised of open sandboxes, making it a semi-open world. There are larger areas where you’re free to explore as you see fit, but the way you unlock new zones is linear, and you have to progress through the story before you can see them.

Usually in open world games, you’re free to explore as you see fit, but that’s only partially true for semi, where the game’s world is divided into different zones. This exactly fits the description of Dead Island 2. We had the chance to explore its different zones thanks to a review copy provided by Deep Silver.

In Dead Island 2, you can’t just go anywhere you want until you progress far enough to unlock a new zone. Then and only then will you be able to move forward. Although zones are explorable as open sandboxes, you can look around if anything catches your interest.

Dead Island 2 open world

And you’re going to want to explore each zone thoroughly too, as the crafting mechanics of Dead Island 2 mean that you’ll be incentivized to make some really powerful melee weapons. As enemies get tougher, you’ll want to scavenge around more for supplies that can turn the tides in your favor.

So now that we’ve confirmed that Dead Island 2 is separated into explorable zones, it’s more akin to a semi-open world game than an unrestricted one.

This answers if Dead Island 2 is open world. We hope this article was informative. You can also check out our Dead Island 2 – Review for our thoughts on the game.