Is Diablo 4 Steam Deck compatible or not?

Can you play Diablo 4 on the Steam Deck?

As a fan of handheld gaming, I’m looking forward to trying out the Diablo 4 Steam Deck if it’s even compatible for it. With a powerful hardware, the Steam Deck should have not problems running the game if it wasn’t for the fact that Diablo 4 isn’t even on Steam to begin with. Let’s see if your Steam Deck is compatible with Diablo 4.

So can you play Diablo 4 on the Steam Deck? And if so, do you need to tweak a few things to get it to work?

Is Diablo 4 Steam Deck compatible?

Diablo 4 is not supported by Steam Deck officially but it does seem like you can play it with a few tweaks. There are games from that have launched fine on the Steam Deck.

It’s possible to get games that aren’t on Steam to be working on your Steam Deck. However this does require some work. To get it to work, you’ll have to download the client from the Blizzard website and then use Proton to get it running on your handheld. This isn’t a guarantee that it will work since the game hasn’t released yet.

Diablo 4 isn’t planned for a release on Steam so Steam Deck support will most likely not be implemented until Blizzard adds the game there. The Steam Deck is a powerful tool however which lets you play other PC games through some workarounds. That’s what really makes it special.

Diablo 4 Steam Deck compatible or not

So the Diablo 4 Steam Deck is possible to play when it releases. Though you should note that it’s a requirement to always be online when playing the game. So if you’re planning on playing Diablo 4 on the go, that isn’t possible unless you have strong mobile net connection you can hotspot to or a public Wi-Fi that you can connect to.

We hope this answers if Diablo 4 Steam Deck is compatible or not.

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