Is there a Cow Level in Diablo 4? [Explained]

Blizzard developers say "there is no cow level" in Diablo 4

A running gag in the franchise has players looking for a cow level in Diablo 4. Ever since Diablo 2, developers have added a joke level that pits you against murderous cows called Hell Bovines that are out for your blood. But has Blizzard kept up the tradition with this one? Find out if there is a secret cow level in Diablo 4 you can partake in.

Does Diablo 4 Have a Secret Cow Level?

There is no cow level in Diablo 4. This was confirmed by none other than the developers themselves, who stated that a cow level wouldn’t fit the game’s more grounded nature.

Diablo 4 is taking itself more seriously than previous installments. The setting is dark, emphasizing the darker nature of mankind as a whole and how we give in to our desires. A cow level hidden somewhere in the game wouldn’t really fit the narrative.

The fact that there is no cow level in Diablo 4 was confirmed by the game director, Joe Piepora, and game producer, Naz Hartoonian, who have both stated there is no such level to be found in the game’s dungeons. From our experience with the game, we haven’t been able to find any reference to the cow level, so we’re inclined to believe them, at least for the time being. This isn’t the first time the secret cow level has been denied by Blizzard, as they previously added the message that “there is no cow level” in Diablo 2, despite having it in the second game.

So while it’s true that there is no cow level in Diablo 4 for the time being, it’s important to remember that Diablo 4 is a live-service game that is constantly going to be updated. Blizzard may cave in sometime in future updates where they’ll add this secret level as a limited-time event. We aren’t sure yet, but for now, we know that there will be no cow level during the release of Diablo 4.

How to unlock Diablo 4 Cow Level?

Since there is no Diablo 4 cow level, there is no way to unlock it. But if Blizzard ever adds it in the future, you can be sure to find out how to do it here.

In the previous games, you needed to find some unique items in order to get to the cow level, like Wirt’s Leg. It’s possible that you’ll be tasked with finding a similar item to unlock the Diablo 4 cow level. But this is something we’ll have to see in the future.