Kena: Bridge of Spirits Studio Founder Shares How PS5 SSD Greatly Improves Loading Times

kena master spirit guide trophy

Ember Lab’s Studio Founder Josh Grier recently shared their experience with the improvements of Kena: Bridge of Spirits with the help of the PlayStation 5’s particular storage device of choice.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Josh Grier shared the details on the Official PlayStation Magazine (May 2021 Issue) about the PS5 SSD’s power on loading the game. In defeating a particular boss in Kena’s adventure, the blight that has overgrown in a particular region suddenly evaporates. The depressing reddish color disintegrates and gets replaced with vibrant color and it happens on real time. This is all thanks to the PS5’s SSD.

[The SSD] “makes it easier for sure,” according to Josh Grier. “The tricks that you would normally have to do to get everything to load melt away. It’s also used to load in the larger vista […] I think as this new generation matures you’ll see even faster, crazier stuff.”

This just means today’s developers are only scratching the surface with the PS5’s capabilities. Later on, who knows what kind of incredible game mechanics we will be seeing as they discover it through development.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits launches on August 24 for PlayStation 4 and PS5. Check out some gameplay footage here.