Kena Bridge of Spirits – How to Solve Fishing Shrine Puzzle

Here's a guide on how to easily solve this rather thought-provoking fishing shrine.

The newly released video game Kena: Bridge of Spirits has some puzzles that are quite challenging and one of those is the Fishing Shrine Puzzle. This could be solved longer if you are going to take your chances in just doing trial and error.

Meditating and thinking of the solution could lessen the time, but it can still cause a headache if you get stumped. So, why not just take our tips and make the problem go away quickly? Here is the solution on how to solve this thought-provoking puzzle.

How to Solve the Fishing Shrine Puzzle

Notice the Four Unlit Torches

fishing shrine puzzle map
The location of the Fishing Shrine on the Map

In Kena: Bridge of Spirits, the first hint that you will notice in this challenging puzzle are the four targets you can find all around the fishing shrine. These are all unlit torches and are located in different directions.

There is one at the right of the shrine, one to the left of it, and two behind you on the left and right. There are all diagonally adjacent to each other. Use the mask to easily find and highlight them on the screen.

Please be warned that shooting the torches in the wrong order will have a consequence, well, two consequences as in two flies that will be aggressive and hunt you. Hit them correctly in order to avoid this problem and solve it easily.

The Candles are the Clues

fishing shrine
Check them candles

See the candles in front of the shrine when you arrive? These are not just decorations that were placed there by the developers. These are actually the clues you need in order to solve the puzzle. There are four candles, two candles, one candle, and then three candles. Seems interesting, right?

The candles are actually the representations of torches that are still unlit. These are the locations of each torch: the first one is the front-facing left torch, the second is the backward-facing left torch, the third is the front-facing right torch, and lastly the backward-facing right torch.

Hit the Torches in Order

To make it easier for you: 1. Top Right, 2. Bottom Left, 3. Bottom Right, and 4. Top Left. Fire away those projectiles in that order and it will then solve the puzzle.

Now just let the Rot cleanse away the shrine and then hit the corrupted flower that bloomed afterwards to fully cleanse it. The story will then move on after this.

Enjoy Kena: Bridge of Spirits and the rest of the story on PS4, PS5, and PC today.