Kingdom Hearts 2020 Trailer Featured Two New Games with Clues of More Titles Coming Soon

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Game company Square Enix just released the latest new trailer Kingdom Hearts 2020 featuring some hints along the way.

The new trailer featured two new Kingdom Hearts games. The first one will be an expansion to the mobile game called Kingdom Hearts: Union X and will feature the villainess Maleficent. The next one is another mobile game and will have the same art style as Union X, but with a different name called Kingdom Hearts: Union Dark Road. It will be launched on June 22 on Android and iOS.

The second game revealed was Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, which is a rhythm game featuring Sora and the other characters involved in the franchise. It will also feature some dark side of the story and will focus on Kairi as the main character. It will be launched in 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Other than the three contents (1 expansion, 2 games), the first part of the trailer featured a roadmap of sorts. It had two more open spots, which could mean that there will be two more unannounced games coming soon. It could also mean that more announcements will be revealed before the year ends.

Check out the trailer here:

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