Kingdom Hearts III New Gameplay Overview Video Released

Kingdom Hearts III Sora

Game publisher Square Enix recently released a brand new gameplay overview video of the upcoming JRPG Kingdom Hearts III featuring tons of stuff from it.

Kingdom Hearts III new video details

The latest gameplay overview video has a lot of spoilers and shows off each new world along with some cutscenes, so be warned.

The video actually starts with the narrator talking about the old movie trailers then it goes into the combat overview part. The keyblades can now transform on the battlefield, which can add some new gameplay into it like better finisher moves. Sora can also bring multiple Keyblades and swap them out during battles.

Magic is still the same since in Kingdom Hearts II. There are some attractions featured as well, which are the new features in the game and were actually shown five years ago. Sora can now summon and use classic Disney theme park rides to defeat large groups of Heartless.

The summons are now called Links and Sora has to forge links with other Disney characters to summon them for help in battle. There are also Team Up Attacks that appear more dynamic and interactive than the Links.

The game is now available in Japan, while the rest of the world will get it on Jan. 29. It will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Check out the video below: