Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Teaser Suggests More Details Coming Soon

Just shows that somehow, someway Kingdom Hearts next game is still being worked on

It has been quite some time since Square Enix revealed more information about their upcoming projects for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. But out of nowhere, new teasers for their latest smartphone game, Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, were revealed and fans such as myself are excited about what this game has to offer.

What is Kingdom Hearts Missing Link about?

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link is a new game announced at the 20th-anniversary event of Kingdom Hearts and is said to be the missing story that will be told from events that took place in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross Dark Road. In this game, 6 players can team up and enjoy local co-op elements where they will explore and battle multiple enemies linked to the real world.

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Teaser

An image was uploaded alongside the hashtag, ‘#KHML’. The post showed a large construction site, possibly in Scala Ad Caelum. Another possible location is speculated to be in Radiant Garden.

Aside from the minor teaser image revealed about the game, the official Twitter/X account was relaunched as Kingdom Hearts Missing Link some time ago as the original Kingdom Hearts Union Cross account was no longer in use. Before today, however, the Missing Link account hadn’t posted anything since December 2022.

Unfortunately, key details such as a release window were not part of the teaser image.

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Featured Image 01

While the teaser doesn’t give away anything definitive, we at least know now that Square Enix has not forgotten about its upcoming mobile game. For now, let’s hope that they are serious in their efforts to ramp up the promotional campaign ahead of its pre-release. More details about the game will be announced on their social media platforms in due time.