Time Crash Treasure Road Guide – Kirby and the Forgotten Land

A guide on how to clear the Time Crash Treasure Road in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Time Crash Treasure Road

The Time Crash Treasure Road challenge that features the Time Crash copy ability in Kirby and the Forgotten Land seems so impossible to finish even with the time-stopping ability. But there is actually an unspoken aspect to the Time Crash ability that players will have to use in order to make it to the finish line in time.

In this guide, we will show the trick on how you can clear the Stop Time! Slow-World Scramble Treasure Road within the target time.

What is the Time Crash Treasure Road?

The Time Crash Treasure Road, a.k.a. Stop Time! Slow-World Scramble, is a treasure road challenge that can be found at the Winter Horns area, just southwest of The Battle of Blizzard Bridge stage.

In this Treasure Road, Kirby will have to run a course full of enemies, projectiles, and obstacles in just under seven seconds. The good thing is that Kirby can use the Time Crash ability to slow down time, but despite this, it can still be quite a challenge to clear the course in time.

Though there are players who claim that they’ve cleared the course just by charging the ability to the max and just weaving through the obstacles as clean as possible, there is a much easier way to do it.

How to Clear the Time Crash Treasure Road?

The solution to this Treasure Road defies the basic gamer logic of avoiding enemies, similar to how the ability itself defies that rules of space-time.

Use the Time Crash ability right away

Do not charge it. Just use the ability right away and run through the course.

Bump into enemies

Yes, you read that right. The Time Crash ability gives Kirby a shield that makes him invulnerable to any damage plus every enemy that bumps into it will extend its effects. Be careful though, some fixed obstacles in the course, such as the arm of the rocket ride, do not count as enemies and therefore do not extend the slowdown effect. It’s best to still avoid or jump over these obstacles as they can still impede Kirby’s progress.

It’s as simple as that. Doing this will allow you to clear the course within 4 to 5 seconds (slowed down time, of course), well within the target time.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Time Crash Treasure Road

Time Crash Treasure Road Reward

Clearing the Time Crash Treasure Road will reward you with a Rare Stone, usable for evolving or upgrading your copy abilities.

How to Get the Time Crash Copy Ability?

You will have to get the Time Crash Blueprint in the Invasion at the House of Horrors stage in Wondaria remains to be able to upgrade your Crash ability into the Time Crash ability. We also have a full Time Crash copy ability guide to know more about this ability.

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