Kirby’s Dream Buffet Launches Soon This Year

Win by eating more cake!

Nintendo has surprised everyone with a new announcement revealing a new game called Kirby’s Dream Buffet.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet Release Window

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a brand new downloadable Kirby game that will be available on Nintendo eShop this coming Summer 2022. Fans of Kirby got surprised of this sudden announcement, but it was a welcome one.

More and More Cake

The whole video shows mostly Kirby and tons and tons and tons of sweets from cakes, icing, fruits, and a lot more. The game can have up to four players and has various levels to compete on. Kirby goes rolling around, eating different types of foods and sweet treats and more.

Game Mechanics

Copying abilities will let players collect more food along the course or actually trouble their opponents by flattening them. To win, Kirby must have eaten a lot of food along the way. They get weighed on a weighing scale and if they are the heaviest, they win the prize.

kirby's dream buffet

Kirby’s Dream Buffet will support online play and will be a Nintendo Switch eShop exclusive. It will be released this coming Summer 2022.

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