Kojima Mysterious Character Finally Revealed

She might be involved in a Kojima game.

It was finally revealed that Hideo Kojima’s mysterious character and it is no surprise that everyone knows her.

The mysterious woman that Kojima was teasing way back on TGS last month was indeed Elle Fanning. It was revealed during the PAX Aus gaming convention via a new QR code that was shown around. Above the code was the mysterious phrase “where am I?”. The code was found next to a poster that was shown on TGS 2022 without the clear image of Fanning.

After scanning the code, people will be led to a new website and an image of Elle Fanning looking back at the viewer. It is labeled as a Hideo Kojima Game with her name on it. It did not reveal the name of the game, but it did have a mysterious symbol below her image.

Hideo Kojima then posted something new mysterious code to tease everyone. It shows this:

TGS→”WHO”→ ELLE. PAX→”WHERE”→??? ???→”???”→???

The post has four images attached. It shows the previous images that were already shown but the fourth image has a different phrase, which is “Where am I?”

Some speculate that Elle Fanning, might be involved in the sequel of Death Stranding. Norman Reedus a while back let it slip in an interview that the sequel is in production, but Kojima has not denied nor confirmed this. It is possible that a big announcement is coming soon with these teases being shared by Kojima recently.