Kojima Productions Employee Unfortunately Tested Positive For COVID-19

Gaming studio Kojima Productions has some unfortunate news to announce just recently. It is related to one of its employees and this COVID-19 pandemic.

Kojima Productions staff members now working remotely

One of the studios’ employees was tested positive for the coronavirus, and the rest are now taking measures to avoid further spread of the said virus in the office. To do that, they made measures in order to make the studio properly sanitized.

At first, the said employee was sent home on March 20 and got that person to be checked for COVID-19. When it was revealed to be positive after a PCR test, the studio took action.

The Japanese government’s public health authorities did say that Tokyo-based offices will remain open. All of the other employees that are not considered close contacts can still work there because the infected only showed symptoms when they were not there in the office. The studio is not taking any chances. They do not want to risk the possibility of spreading it inside the premises and its employees.

The office floor will be closed for the moment and then all office facilities will be cleaned and properly sanitized. The staff members are to work from home, while the studio will supervise and support the health condition of all staff. They are also cooperating with the health authorities to prevent further spread of the virus.

Good guy and responsible Kojima Productions.

Thanks DualShockers. Source: Official Doc