Last Month’s PS4 Top 5 – February 2017

Source: GameSpot

February was a month of narratives and exploration.

We’re still early on in the year, but the amount of games heavy on storytelling and intense immersion is increasing, and I’m absolutely all for it. The unique worlds that have been created so far, the beautiful graphics, well-written narratives, and immeasurable attachments to its characters are what brought the following list into fruition. From a countable amount of video games released on the PS4, I present to you last month’s top five (no order).

Horizon Zero Dawn
Guerrilla Games (PS4)

This action-packed RPG dazzles you with its open world exploration of a post-apocalyptic world, and in the center of it all is the strong and compelling heroine, Aloy. The excellent character design partnered with a gripping narrative is not enough praise for a game that entices adventure, and inclusion of a powerful (much needed, especially in these times) female representation in a video game.

Metacritic: 88
Sirus: 10/10. Read here.

Night in the Woods
Infinite Fall (PS4, PC, Xbox One)

Alec Holowka has already described it as a game that’s focused on its narrative, and it’s a beautiful, touching, thought-provoking narrative at that. The colorful design and the adorable anthropomorphic characters is enough visual appeal to attract players to its way, but its conversations and self-reflections as you control Mae is what makes people stay. This game invites a change of pace, where it’s just you and the story.

Metacritic: 87 (PS4)
Sirus: Waiting for Review Code

For Honor
Ubisoft (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Obviously, it’s a game that’s not focused on a narrative as like the others, but its commercial success, design, and thrilling action during campaign or multiplayer is worth putting the game in the list. It’s addicting, and as humans that enjoy moments of glory, and power, it’s a game that’s hours worth of enjoyable hack-and-slash. The tactical requirement, where not only is your skill tested, but also your ability to strategize and recognize effective movements is a feature that adds cleverness to brawl.

Metacritic: 78 (PS4)
Sirus: 8.5/10. Read here.

Torment: Tides of Numenera
inXile Entertainment (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

With prominent game designer, Monte Cook, on its helm then Torment will never disappoint in achieving a memorable narrative. You are the story and the choices you make and how you interact with characters will define your destiny in the world that Cook has written, but what you can help shape. It’s like a heavy, interactive fantasy novel that’s still combined with action elements from an RPG and inside a large, futuristic world that’s begging to be experienced.

Metacritic: 76 (PS4)
Sirus: Review in Progress

Team Ninja (PS4)

Who doesn’t want to play a samurai? Nioh is a blend of a thrilling storyline and exciting combat system. Though less focused on its narrative and rather on its rugged aesthetic appeal and complex yet exhilarating battle, it’s still a game that demands attention and praise. To put things into perspective as to its extraordinary demand, in just two weeks, Koei Tecmo had announced that its game had already sold a million worldwide.

Metacritic: 87
Sirus: 10/10. Read here.

Unique narratives, extraordinary and electrifying gameplay, visually attractive aesthetics, and the numerous talents that had brought these games to existence—it’s only February, but 2017 is already showing its prowess and continued evolution in storytelling and action-packed adventures.