The Last of Us Part II and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in PSX 2016

Earlier today at PlayStation Experience 2016 started, and Sony did surprise us immediately in the beginning of their annual event —Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was revealed. We get to see Chloe and Nadine Ross teaming up in the rooftop of an unknown city that is bombed to ruins. Will we see Nathan Drake and the gang again? Or will this new Uncharted title focus on Chloe and Nadine’s adventures?

And another great reveal is what we have all been waiting for — The Last Of Us Part II. Instead of calling it The Last Of Us II, Naughty Dog decided to call it Part II. Ellie has grown mature, and is really angry and that she wants to kill all of “them”. We are not sure who was she¬†talking about – the Fireflies or the zombies and the clickers? The trailer did show a lot of dead bodies inside the house, and they didn’t look like they already turned. We’ll get to know more about the plot within the next few months or at E3 2017.

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