New Layers of Fear Trailer Reveals Release Window

This is the final title of the game after a slight name change.

Bloober Team has now released a new Layers of Fear trailer revealing the release window.

The latest trailer gives players a sneak peek of what the newest entry to the franchise offers. The teaser trailer is just over a minute long but it does give fans a glimpse of what the game looks like. According to the trailer, it will be made with the Unreal Engine 5, the newest game engine that many developers have been using for their newest titles. From the looks of it, the visuals have been highly improved compared to previous titles of the series.

It starts with a lighthouse, which seems to be the whole setting of the game and inside of it. It shows various parts inside the building and then the last part of the clip is a tease of what shadowy creatures the players will encounter during their terrifying adventure.

Aside from the new clip, the team revealed the explanation for dropping the letter “s” from the original Layers of Fears title to the new one, which is now similar to the original game that came out in 2016. It was decided that they dropped the letter “s” after they received feedback from it. Not to be confused as some sort of remake of the original game, this is definitely the third title of the new trilogy.

layers of fear trailer

Layers of Fear launches sometime in June 2023. It will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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