League of Legends Patch 11.23 Notes Highlights Include New Items and More

Check out the biggest highlights with this new update.

Riot Games has released the League of Legends patch 11.23 and here are the highlights of the much awaited update.

Patch 11.23 is now available for players to download today and it has made a lot of changes to the Rift, according to its new announcement today on the official website. It has made changes to the new Chemtech & Hextech Drakes, got new six new items, 24 item updates, three changes to runes, and Objective Bounties.

Riot Games revealed that they are going to have more content for Arcane this week as well via new events, thematic updates in-game, secret Council Archives, and more.

Here are the highlights from the patch 11.23:

There are six new items to check out. These are:

  • Crown of the Shattered Queen
  • Evenshroud
  • Axiom Arc
  • Shadowflame
  • Winter’s Approach
  • Fimbulwinter

There are a lot of item changes with this new patch. There have been 10 Tank Items, 10 Mage Items, and 4 Lethality Items that have been changed.

Objective Bounties have been added to the game with this new patch. It is a new method for losing teams to get back into the game aside from Champion Bounties. They grant extra gold rewards for taking objectives when a team is far behind. They can be very challenging, but they are not impossible to do.

For the Runes section, there is a new Rune called the First Strike, while the Glacial Augment and Lethal Tempo have been changed.

In the Jungle section, there are the new Hextech Drake and Chemtech Drake additions. There have been changes made to the Cloud Drake and Rift Scuttler as well.

Lastly are the new skins to check out with the latest update. These are Caitlyn ASU, Arcane Caitlyn, Arcane Jinx, Café Cuties Vladimir, Café Cuties Bard, Café Cuties Soraka, Café Cuties Anni, Café Cuties Sivir, and Café Cuties Gwen. The Café Cuties skins will be available starting December 2, 2021. Arcane Caitlyn can be earned starting November 22, 2021 while Arcane Jinx can be earned starting November 24, 2021 for a limited time only.

League of Legends is now available on PC.

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