League of Legends Server Downtime (Update)

Servers are currently down on certain regions but what is the cause?

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Update: League of Legends servers are now up and running in all regions. The login fail issue has been resolved based on the post on the official website of Riot Games.

Original article below:

League of Legends server downtime has recently been reported after a recent fix on the Cyber Attack that happened a week ago. There has been no word on the cause of this new predicament, but various players have already reported online on different platforms that they could not log into the game and it would only infinitely load.

League of Legends Servers Down According to Twitter Users

Twitter user MouflonCalin has shared a screenshot of their screen of the game when they tried to play a game. It only shows a blank space with loading icons certain sections. It would not even load the game, which could possibly mean the servers are currently down. This has happened an hour ago. Others are reporting the same thing complaining that they were not able to log into the game.

Official Subreddit Shares Same Sentiment

On the official subreddit of League of Legends, a few players are complaining that the League of Legends client is not opening at all. They said that they have tried to close it via Window’s task manager but it does not work. Players commenting on the thread have also experienced the same thing.

Official Support Website Shares Update

On the official website of Riot Games, it has been confirmed that the developers are aware of a problem in regard to login attempts failing. They are currently working on a fix. They have specifically stated that it will affect both PC and mobile device versions of the game in North America, and the European regions both East and West. There is no word yet when the servers are going back online.

league of legends server downtime

Meanwhile, check this link out if you are having problems with the League of Legends client and want to fix it: