League of Legends Pro League Delayed Due to Coronavirus

The latest outbreak of disease to hit Asia is the coronavirus. Specifically, China. Because of concern for the health of their players, the Pro League for League of Legends has been delayed. What was supposed to take place this February 5th has been moved to another unspecified date until March. Perhaps, another country if the authorities can’t properly contain the virus in time.

The League of Legends Pro League isn’t the only events being cancelled at the moment in the country. Many Chinese theaters have also been temporarily closed down due to the outbreak.

This is a good decision on the hosts part to delay the tournament. As the coronavirus has already laid claim to more than 80 lives. And an estimated 3000 have already been infected with the virus. It’s not only present in China as well. South Korea, Japan, France, Canada, Australia, and even America all hold cases of the deadly coronavirus.

Source: IGN

Managing Editor